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Monogènes Dactylogyridae parasites de Cyprinidae du genreBarbus d'Afrique du Nord
ResuméQuinze nouvelles espèces de Monogènes Dactylogyridae sont décrites chez quinze espèces deBarbus (Teleostei, Cyprinidae) appartenant aux sous-genresB. (Barbus) etB. (Labeobarbus) en Afrique duExpand
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Monogenean host specificity as a biological and taxonomic indicator for fish
Abstract The biological significance of host specificity among Monogenea parasitizing freshwater fish and their use as biological markers are discussed. The marking of host species by strictlyExpand
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Ecological and genetic differentiation of Barbus callensis populations in Tunisia
Enzyme electrophoresis on horizontal starch gel was carried out on 356 barbel individuals. The sampling comprised 278 individuals of the species Barbus callensis from 10 rivers in Tunisia. The otherExpand
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