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Distributions of fractional order statistics in hydrology
A critical issue in parametric methods of frequency analysis, regardless of the phenomenon being modeled, is that of selection of a form of probability distribution to be applied. When one isExpand
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Urban Wastewater Management in the United States: Past, Present, and Future
as either centralized, where all the wastewater is collected and conveyed to a central location for treatment or disposal, or decentralized, where the wastewater is primarily treated or disposed ofExpand
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Stormwater conveyance modeling and design
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Historical development of wet-weather flow management
The management of wet-weather flow (WWF) is necessary to maintain the quality of urban water resources. Throughout history, strategies have been implemented to control WWF for many reasons, includingExpand
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Lithofacies identification using multiple adaptive resonance theory neural networks and group decision expert system
We present a lowcost intelligent system consisting of three adaptive resonance theory neural networks and a rule-based expert system to consistently and objectively identify lithofacies from well-log data. Expand
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This study, on innovative methods for the capture of metals from stormwat er, focused on two major areas of investigation: media filters and swales. The test w ater for both the filters and theExpand
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Joint Seasonal/Annual Flood Frequency Analysis
Flood frequency analysis, as commonly practiced, focuses on the estimation of return periods associated with annual maximum flood peaks of various magnitudes. In some applications, it is desirable toExpand
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Low‐flow analysis with a conditional Weibull Tail Model
Estimates of low-flow quantiles, such as the 7-day, 10-year low flow, which are usually obtained by statistical modeling of observed data series, are widely used in water quality management. ThisExpand
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Hydraulic Resistance in Grass Swales Designed for Small Flow Conveyance
Grass swales, originally used for erosion control in agricultural settings, are now widely employed in urban environments as an effective best management practice for controlling pollutants inExpand
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Regionalization of Low-Flow Frequency Estimates: AN Alabama Case Stui)y
: Low-flow estimates, as determined by probabilistic modeling of observed data sequences, are commonly used to describe certain streamflow characteristics. Unfortunately, however, reliable low-flowExpand
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