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National Culture and the Values of Organizational Employees
The values of 8,841 managers and organization employees from 43 countries were surveyed. The range of nations included paralleled many of those surveyed by Hofstede (1980) but added also substantialExpand
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The Rotter Locus of Control Scale in 43 Countries : A Test of Cultural Relativity
A databank of 9140 responses to the Rotter (1966) locus of control scale was analyzed, using multidimensional scaling techniques. Respondents were employees in business organizations in 43 countries.Expand
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Individualism: Collectivism and the handling of disagreement. A 23 country study
Abstract The relationship of espoused values and the handling of disagreement in work settings was explored at the cultural level. Managers and supervisors from a variety of organizations within 23Expand
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The “Body Beautiful”: English Adolescents' Images of Ideal Bodies
Research on body image has neglected adolescents' ideals beyond thinness, particularly those of adolescent boys. Two studies are reported which examine a range of qualities in order to captureExpand
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Stability of drugs of abuse in urine samples stored at -20 degrees C.
Isolated studies of the stability of individual drugs of abuse have been reported. However, few have evaluated stability in frozen urine samples stored for 12 months. We have determined the stabilityExpand
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Locus of control and affectivity by gender and occupational status: A 14 nation study
This study investigated the extent to which reported gender differences in values are attributable to differences in national culture and organizational seniority. Locus of control and affectivityExpand
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Stress and Coping as Determinants of Adolescent Smoking Behavior1
Relationships between perceived stress, coping, and smoking behavior were examined both cross-sectionally and prospectively in a large sample of English adolescents recruited from secondary schoolsExpand
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