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The silvering process of Anguilla anguilla: a new classification from the yellow resident to the silver migrating stage
In migrating eels gonad development, gonadotropin hormone (GTH-II) production and increase of eye surface were similar at all sites, and fin length and gut regression may indicate the time since an eel started its migration. Expand
Control of puberty in farmed fish.
Puberty comprises the transition from an immature juvenile to a mature adult state of the reproductive system, i.e. the individual becomes capable of reproducing sexually for the first time, whichExpand
Dopamine Inhibits Luteinizing Hormone Synthesis and Release in the Juvenile European Eel: A Neuroendocrine Lock for the Onset of Puberty1
The view that DA inhibition on LH secretion is an ancient evolutionary component in the neuroendocrine regulation of reproduction that may have been partially maintained throughout vertebrate evolution is supported. Expand
Primitive Duplicate Hox Clusters in the European Eel's Genome
It is shown that unlike any other teleost fish, the eel retains fully populated, duplicate Hox clusters, which originated at the teleost-specific genome duplication, and all copies are expressed in early embryos. Expand
Reproductive Endocrinology of the European Eel, Anguilla anguilla
The mystery of the reproduction of the European eel, in which “seminal liquor nor eggs could never be observed;” was questioned as early as Greek antiquity, by Aristotle, in his writings on “AnimalExpand
Melatonin Activates Brain Dopaminergic Systems in the Eel with an Inhibitory Impact on Reproductive Function
The results of the present study provide the first evidence that melatonin enhances TH expression in specific brain regions in a non‐mammalian species, and could represent one pathway by which environmental factors could modulate reproductive function in the eel. Expand
Molecular and physiological study of the artificial maturation process in European eel males: from brain to testis.
Differential regulation of the two GnRH expressions was found, supporting the main role of mGnRH in the control of gonadotrophin release and a role for 11-KT in stimulating eye growth, presenting high values when EI increased. Expand
Endocrine Evidence that Silvering, a Secondary Metamorphosis in the Eel, Is a Pubertal Rather than a Metamorphic Event
Hormonal profiles and experimental data lead to the conclusion that eel silvering should be considered as an onset of puberty rather than a ‘genuine’ metamorphosis. Expand
Development of real-time RT-PCR assays for eel gonadotropins and their application to the comparison of in vivo and in vitro effects of sex steroids.
The data indicate that sex steroid feedbacks on gonadotropins are exerted via multiple pathways, indirectly at the brain level and directly on pituitary gonadotrope cells. Expand
Differential Regulation of Luteinizing Hormone and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Expression during Ovarian Development and under Sexual Steroid Feedback in the European Eel
It is demonstrated that steroids exert a differential feedback on eel gonadotropin expression, with an E2-specific positive feedback on LH and a T-specific negative feedback on FSH, leading to an opposite regulation of LH and FSH during ovarian development. Expand