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Involvement and interaction of microbial communities in the transformation and stabilization of chromium during the composting of tannery effluent treated biomass of Vallisneria spiralis L.
Tannery effluent treated with aquatic macrophyte Vallisneria spiralis L. for 14 d showed significant improvement in physico-chemical properties and reduction in Cr concentration. Accumulation of CrExpand
Preferential Accumulation of Cadmium and Chromium: Toxicity in Bacopa monnieri L. under Mixed Metal Treatments
Screening and identification of early warning algal species for metal contamination in fresh water bodies polluted from point and non-point sources
The water bodies of Lucknow, Unnao and Kanpur (U.P.), India polluted through various point and non point sources were found to be either eutrophic or oligotrophic in nature. These water bodiesExpand
Migration: causes and effects
Migration is movement of people between regions or countries. It is the process of moving from the use of one operating environment to other operating environment that is, in most cases, is thoughtExpand
Isolation and characterization of chromate resistant bacteria from tannery effluent.
The tannery effluent emanating from Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP), Unnao (U.P, India) was found toxic in nature, having high BOD, COD, TDS and Cr content (5.88 mg l(-1)), which supportedExpand
Conceptualization and Measurement of Perceived Consumer Knowledge and Skills in Apparel Products: An Exploratory Study among College Students
The objectives of this exploratory study were to delineate dimensions of perceived consumer knowledge and skills in apparel products and to conceptualize these dimensions by developing and testing aExpand
Studies on Pestalotiopsis arachidis (Satya) Emend Smita Dubey & H.N. Satya.
In view of the rich diversity of Indian medicinal plants, it is expected that screening and scientific evaluation of plant extract for their ant deterrent substance may prove beneficial for theExpand
Indian Agriculture: An Analysis of Agricultural Foreign Trade (2000-2018)
Increasing international trade in agriculture is a motivation as well as corollary to progress of the sector. The tradability of Indian agriculture depends on domestic as well as the foreign tradeExpand