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The ade4 Package: Implementing the Duality Diagram for Ecologists
The ade4 package for the statistical environment proposes a great number of multivariate methods. Expand
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Variation partitioning of species data matrices: estimation and comparison of fractions.
Establishing relationships between species distributions and environmental characteristics is a major goal in the search for forces driving species distributions. Canonical ordinations such asExpand
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Testing the species traits-environment relationships: the fourth-corner problem revisited.
Functional ecology aims at determining the relationships between species traits and environmental variables in order to better understand biological processes in ecosystems. From a methodologicalExpand
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How to measure and test phylogenetic signal
1.ePhylogenetic signal is the tendency of related species to resemble each other more than species drawn at random from the same tree. This pattern is of considerable interest in a range ofExpand
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Ecological studies often require studying the common structure of a pair of data tables. Co-inertia analysis is a multivariate method for coupling two tables. It is often neglected by ecologists whoExpand
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Combining the fourth-corner and the RLQ methods for assessing trait responses to environmental variation.
Assessing trait responses to environmental gradients requires the simultaneous analysis of the information contained in three tables: L (species distribution across samples), R (environmentalExpand
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Interactive Multivariate Data Analysis in R with the ade4 and ade4TkGUI Packages
Ade4TkGUI is a Tcl/Tk graphical user interface for the most essential methods of ade4. Expand
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On the number of principal components: A test of dimensionality based on measurements of similarity between matrices
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An important problem in principal component analysis (PCA) is the estimation of the correct number of components to retain. Expand
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Improved testing of species traits--environment relationships in the fourth-corner problem.
The fourth-corner problem entails estimation and statistical testing of the relationship between species traits and environmental variables from the analysis of three data tables. In a 2008 paper, S.Expand
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