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Dialogue concerning the Two Chief World Systems
Several years ago there was published in Rome a salutary edict which, in order to obviaie the dangerous tendencies of our present age, imposed a seasonable silence upon the Pythagorean opinion thatExpand
Essays on Galileo and the History and Philosophy of Science
For forty years, beginning with the publication of the first modern English translation of the Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, Stillman Drake was the most original and productiveExpand
Galileo's Experimental Confirmation of Horizontal Inertia: Unpublished Manuscripts (Galileo Gleanings XXII)
M ORE THAN A DECADE HAS ELAPSED since Thomas Settle published a classic paper in which Galileo's well-known statements about his experiments on inclined planes were completely vindicated.' Settle'sExpand
Galileo's observations of Neptune
The planet Neptune was discovered in 1846. As its period of revolution is almost 165 years, Neptune has not yet completed one revolution since its discovery. Largely as a result of this, its orbit isExpand
Galileo: Pioneer Scientist
Since publication of Stillman Drake?s landmark volume, Galileo at Work: His Scientific Biography, new and exciting information has come to light about this towering figure in the history of WesternExpand
Galileo and the Law of Inertia
In Aristotle's physics, any motion of a heavy body was either natural (toward the earth's center) or forced (away from the center). Every forced motion was required to have an external mover. ForExpand