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Waves in the Magnetized Solar Atmosphere. I. Basic Processes and Internetwork Oscillations
We have modeled numerically the propagation of waves through magnetic structures in a stratified atmosphere. We first simulate the propagation of waves through a number of simple, exemplary fieldExpand
Magnetic activity in late-type giant stars: Numerical MHD simulations of non-linear dynamo action in Betelgeuse
Evidence is presented from numerical magneto-hydrodynamical simulations for the existence of magnetic activity in late-type giant stars. A red supergiant with stellar parameters similar to that ofExpand
On the Structure of the Magnetic Field in a Kinematic ABC Flow Dynamo
The kinematic induction equation of MHD is solved numerically in the case of the normal "111" ABC flow using a general staggered mesh method. Careful 3-D visualizations of the topology of theExpand
Dynamo action in late-type giants
Recent numerical MHD simulations suggest that magnetic activity may occur in late-type giants. A entire red supergiant with stellar parameters equal to Betelgeuse was modelled in 3d with theExpand
Flux-loss of buoyant ropes interacting with convective flows
We present 3-d numerical magneto-hydrodynamic simulations of a buoyant, twisted magnetic flux rope embedded in a stratied, solar-like model convection zone. The flux rope is given an initial twistExpand
Sharing data increases citations
Through bibliometric analyses, a citation advantage for astrophysical papers in core journals is found as indexed papers are associated with data by bibliographical links, and consists of papers receiving on average significantly more citations per paper per year than do papers not associated with links to data. Expand
The data sharing advantage in astrophysics
Evidence for the existence of a citation advantage within astrophysics for papers that link to data is presented and using INSPEC and Web of Science databases whether either papers of an experimental or theoretical nature display different citation behavior is investigated. Expand
On the Saturation of Astrophysical Dynamos: Numerical Experiments with the No-Cosines Flow
In the context of astrophysical dynamos we illustrate that the no-cosines flow, with zero mean helicity, can drive fast dynamo action and we study the dynamo’s mode of operation during both theExpand
Waves in magnetic flux concentrations: The critical role of mode mixing and interference
Time-dependent numerical simulations of nonlinear wave propagation in a two-dimensional (slab) magnetic field geometry show wave mixing and interference to be important aspects of oscillatoryExpand