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Observing the ultrafast buildup of a Fano resonance in the time domain
The tunable temporal gate between excitation and termination of the resonance allows us to follow the formation of a Fano line shape in time, and agreement with ab initio calculations validates the experimental time-gating technique for addressing an even broader range of topics, such as the emergence of electron correlation, the onset of electron-internuclear coupling, and quasi-particle formation.
Time Delays from One-Photon Transitions in the Continuum
We experimentally resolve the time delay of electron wave packets arising from one-photon transitions in the continuum. This allows us to determine and quantify the angular momentum dependence of the
Long-time expansion of a Bose-Einstein condensate: Observability of Anderson localization
We numerically explore the long-time expansion of a one-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensate in a disorder potential employing the Gross-Pitaevskii equation. The goal is to search for unique
Real-Time Reconstruction of the Strong-Field-Driven Dipole Response.
The reconstruction of the full temporal dipole response of a strongly driven time-dependent system from a single absorption spectrum is demonstrated, only requiring that a sufficiently short pulse is
Double quantum dot as a minimal thermoelectric generator
Based on numerical renormalization group calculations, we demonstrate that experimentally realized double quantum dots constitute a minimal thermoelectric generator. In the Kondo regime, one quantum
Theory of Subcycle Linear Momentum Transfer in Strong-Field Tunneling Ionization.
It is shown that the light-field-induced momentum transfer is remarkably sensitive to properties of the ultrashort laser pulse such as its carrier-envelope phase and ellipticity and paves the way towards the investigation of the so-far unexplored time-resolved nondipole nonadiabatic tunneling dynamics.
Polarization tagging of two-photon double ionization by elliptically polarized XUV pulses
This work was supported by the WWTF through Project No. MA14-002, and the FWF through Projects No. FWF-SFB041-VICOM, No. FWF-SFB049-NEXTlite, and No. FWF-W1243-Solids4Fun, as well as the IMPRS-APS.
Circular Holographic Ionization-Phase Meter.
An attosecond extreme ultraviolet pump IR-probe photoionization protocol that employs pairs of counterrotating consecutive harmonics and angularly resolved photoelectron detection is proposed, thereby providing a direct measurement of ionization phases and access to the phase of photoemission amplitudes of even-parity continuum states from a single time-delay measurement.
Thermal activation of PBTI-related stress and recovery processes in GaN MIS-HEMTs using on-wafer heaters
Threshold voltage instabilities are investigated in GaN-based metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) high-electron-mobility-transistors (HEMTs) with specially designed on-wafer heaters structures to decouple thermal activation of capture and emission processes at the dielectric/nitride interface, which is not possible in stress-recovery experiments performed at a common ambient temperature.
Watching the emergence of a Fano resonance in doubly excited helium
We report on the experimental observation of the buildup of the 2s2p Fano resonance in helium in the time domain, which has been under theoretical investigation for more than a decade. The emergence