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Assessing the Prerequisite of Successful CSR Implementation: Are Consumers Aware of CSR Initiatives?
As a reflection of the values and ethics of firms, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has received a large amount of research attention over the last decade. A growing area of this research is theExpand
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A Review of Data-Driven Market Segmentation in Tourism
Abstract Clustering has become a very popular way of identifying market segments based on survey data. The number of published segmentation studies has strongly increased since the milestoneExpand
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Beyond “Commonsense Segmentation”: A Systematics of Segmentation Approaches in Tourism
A systematics of a priori and data-driven segmentation studies in tourism . Expand
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Desalinated versus recycled water: public perceptions and profiles of the accepters.
Many countries' water resources are limited in both quantity and quality. While engineering solutions can now safely produce recycled and desalinated water from non-potable sources at a relativelyExpand
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Understanding barriers to leisure travel: Tourist fears as a marketing basis
The usefulness of investigating fears tourists associate with leisure travel as basis for strategic and operational marketing is investigated. Tourism-related fears are elicited from the tourismExpand
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Market segmentation in tourism.
Tourists are not all the same, they have different pictures of their ideal vacation. Tourists are heterogeneous. Market segmentation is the strategic tool to account for heterogeneity among touristsExpand
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Which Hotel attributes Matter? A review of previous and a framework for future research
A lot of effort has been made in the last decades to reveal, which hotel attributes guest care about. Due to the high costs that are typically involved with investments in the hotel industry, itExpand
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The contribution of vacations to quality of life
Abstract The contribution of vacations to people’s life satisfaction and Quality of Life (QOL) has recently attracted substantial attention among tourism researchers. Yet, most QOL scales do notExpand
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The attitude-behaviour gap in sustainable tourism
This study investigates why people who actively engage in environmental protection at home engage in vacation behaviour which has negative environmental consequences, albeit unintentionally. TheExpand
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Business travellers’ hotel expectations and disappointments: A different perspective to hotel attribute importance investigation
Hotel attribute importance studies have a long tradition in hospitality research. This study investigates the issue for business travelers by asking the respondents to state their expectations andExpand
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