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Chemical characterization of element 112
The heaviest elements to have been chemically characterized are seaborgium (element 106), bohrium (element 107) and hassium (element 108). All three behave according to their respective positions inExpand
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Synthesis of a new element with atomic number Z = 117.
The discovery of a new chemical element with atomic number Z=117 is reported. The isotopes (293)117 and (294)117 were produced in fusion reactions between (48)Ca and (249)Bk. Decay chains involvingExpand
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Confirmation of the Decay of 283112 and First Indication for Hg-like Behavior of Element 112
Two gas phase adsorption chemistry experiments aimed at the chemical characterization of element 112 using its isotope 283 112 have been performed at the Flerov Laboratory for Nuclear ReactionsExpand
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Production routes of the alpha emitting 149Tb for medical application
Summary The partial alpha emitting lanthanide isotope 149Tb seems to have a great potential in systemic radioimmuno therapy (RIT), especially when single cells in transit or circulation are targeted.Expand
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Structure of polycarbonate track-etch membranes: Origin of the ¿paradoxical¿ pore shape
The process of pore formation in ion-irradiated polycarbonate films on treatment with alkali solutions in the presence of a surfactant is studied. It is found that the pore shape depends on both theExpand
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Ion track symmetric and asymmetric nanopores in polyethylene terephthalate foils for versatile applications
Abstract In this report we present several fabrication methods which allow production of ion track nanopore membranes with different pore configurations. Polymer foils, typically polyethyleneExpand
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Mass distributions of the system 136 Xe + 208 Pb at laboratory energies around the Coulomb barrier : A candidate reaction for the production of neutron-rich nuclei at N = 126
All material supplied via JYX is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights, and duplication or sale of all or part of any of the repository collections is not permitted, exceptExpand
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Production and Decay of the Heaviest Nuclei
Yu. Ts. Oganessian,* F. Sh. Abdullin, C. Alexander, J. Binder, R. A. Boll, S. N. Dmitriev, J. Ezold, K. Felker, J.M. Gostic, R.K. Grzywacz, J. H. Hamilton, R. A. Henderson, M.G. Itkis, K. Miernik, D.Expand
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Thermochemical and physical properties of element 112.
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Surfactant-controlled etching of ion track nanopores and its practical applications in membrane technology
The effect of surfactants on chemical development of ion tracks in polymers has been studied. It has been shown that surface-active agents added to an alkaline etching solution adsorb on the polymerExpand
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