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Chemical characterization of element 112
A more reliable chemical characterization of element 112, involving the production of two atoms of 283112 through the alpha decay of the short-lived 287114 and the adsorption of the two atoms on a gold surface, finds that element 112 is very volatile and, unlike radon, reveals a metallic interaction with the gold surface.
Synthesis of a new element with atomic number Z = 117.
The measured decay properties show a strong rise of stability for heavier isotopes with Z > or = 111, validating the concept of the long sought island of enhanced stability for superheavy nuclei.
Production routes of the alpha emitting 149Tb for medical application
The conclusion is made, that a dedicated cyclotron equipped with a modern ECR-ion source, providing high ion currents would allow the continuous production of batches of the order of 10–20 GBq of 149Tb for routine RI-therapy.
Indication for a volatile element 114
Abstract Recently, the chemical investigation of element 112 revealed a highly volatile, noble metallic behaviour, as expected for the last group 12 member of the periodic table. The observed
Sex-Related Differences in the Human Metabolism of Plutonium
The renal clearance rate fell sharply to a minimum after 6-24 h, consistent with rapid binding of the tracer to transferrin, but a subsequent partial recovery up to 14-21d indicated a further change in the speciation of plutonium in the blood; lower rates in the women suggested possible sex-related differences in the balance of metabolites in the circulation.
Preparation of 225Ac by 226Ra(γ, n) photonuclear reaction on an electron accelerator, MT-25 microtron
Abstract225Ac was prepared by the 226Ra(γ, n) reaction on an electron accelerator (MT-25 microtron) at FLNR. The radiation yield of 225Ac was 550 Bq/(μA h mg 226Ra). 225Ac was isolated from the
Production and Decay of the Heaviest Nuclei
Yu. Ts. Oganessian,* F. Sh. Abdullin, C. Alexander, J. Binder, R. A. Boll, S. N. Dmitriev, J. Ezold, K. Felker, J.M. Gostic, R.K. Grzywacz, J. H. Hamilton, R. A. Henderson, M.G. Itkis, K. Miernik, D.