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Excitonic representation: Collective excitation spectra in the quantized Hall regime and spin biexciton
The excitonic representation method for describing collective excitations in the quantized Hall regime makes it possible to simplify analysis of the spectra and to obtain new results in the strong
Slow spin relaxation in a quantum Hall ferromagnet state
(Received 18 October 2013; revised manuscript received 27 March 2014; published 10 April 2014)Electron spin relaxation in a spin-polarized quantum Hall state is studied. Long spin-relaxation times
Goldstone mode stochastization in a quantum Hall ferromagnet
Experimental and theoretical studies of the coherent spin dynamics of two-dimensional GaAs/AlGaAs electron gas were performed. The system in the quantum Hall ferromagnet state exhibits a spin
Super-long life time for 2D cyclotron spin-flip excitons
An experimental technique for the indirect manipulation and detection of electron spins entangled in two-dimensional magnetoexcitons has been developed. The kinetics of the spin relaxation has been
Optical absorption by incoherent and coherent ensembles of spin excitations in an unpolarised quantum Hall system
  • S. Dickmann
  • Physics
    Lithuanian Journal of Physics
  • 2 August 2019
In connection with recent studies of extremely long-living spin-cyclotron excitations that are actually magnetoexcitons in the quantum Hall electron gas, we discuss the contribution to light
Magnetofermionic condensate in two dimensions
The observed effects are related to formation of a super-absorbing state interacting coherently with the electromagnetic field, and are explicable from the viewpoint of a coherent condensate phase in a non-equilibrium system of two-dimensional fermions with a fully quantized energy spectrum.
Cyclotron spin-flip mode as the lowest-energy excitation of unpolarized integer quantum Hall states
The cyclotron spin-flip modes of spin unpolarized integer quantum Hall states (ν=2,4,6) have been studied with inelastic light scattering. The energy of these modes is significantly smaller compared
Zero-momentum cyclotron spin-flip mode in a spin-unpolarized quantum Hall system
We report on a study of the zero-momentum cyclotron spin-flip excitation in the V=2 quantum Hall regime. Using the excitonic representation the excitation energy is calculated up to the second order
Extremely slow spin relaxation in a spin-unpolarized quantum Hall system.
The characteristic relaxation time is calculated to be ~1 s, which should allow the production of a considerable density of zero-momenta cyclotron spin-flip excitations in a very small phase volume, thus forming a highly coherent ensemble-the Bose-Einstein condensate.
Competing Hyperfine and Spin-Orbit Couplings: Spin Relaxation in a Quantum Hall Ferromagnet
Spin relaxation in a quantum Hall ferromagnet, where filling is � = 1,1/3,1/5,..., can be considered in terms of spin wave annihilation/creation processes. Hyperfine coupling with the nuclei of the