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Organic light emitting diodes: Energy saving lighting technology—A review
This paper reflects the achievements and the challenges ahead in the field of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). The primary intention of this paper is to study different organic materials
Phosphate Phosphors for Solid-State Lighting
Introduction.- Basic Mechanisms of Photoluminescence.- Synthesis of Phosphate Phosphors.- Methods of Measurements (Instrumentation).- Some Orthophosphate Phosphors.- Some Halophosphate Phosphors.-
A perspective perception on the applications of light-emitting diodes.
  • G. B. Nair, S. Dhoble
  • Computer Science, Medicine
    Luminescence : the journal of biological and…
  • 2015
This work includes the basic requirements, advantages and disadvantages of LEDs in a variety of applications, including the diverse applications of LED in fields such as lighting, indicators and displays, farming, medicine and communication.
Novel approaches for energy efficient solid state lighting by RGB organic light emitting diodes – A review
This paper emphasizes on the novel approaches for energy efficient and eco-friendly solid state lighting. Limitations and global haphazards of currently used lighting systems such as Incandescent
A review on the advancements in phosphor-converted light emitting diodes (pc-LEDs): Phosphor synthesis, device fabrication and characterization
Abstract This article puts emphasis on the role of phosphors in the advancement of Light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The increasing use of phosphors in LEDs, consequently, led to the nomenclature of
Novel materials for fabrication and encapsulation of OLEDs
Around 20% of the electrical power generated on the planet is consumed inefficiently in lighting application. With the running out of the fossil fuels; lighting utilization will seriously contribute
Photoluminescence characterization of Dy3+ and Eu2+ ion in M5(PO4)3F (M = Ba, Sr, Ca) phosphors
Abstract Photoluminescence investigation of Eu and Dy activated phosphate based phosphors prepared by combustion synthesis, characterized by XRD (X-ray diffraction) and photoluminescence techniques,
The luminescence and structural characteristics of Eu3+- doped NaSrB5O9 phosphor
Abstract A red-emitting phosphor NaSrB 5 O 9 :Eu 3+ was synthesized by employing a solid-state reaction (SSR) method. The structures of the phosphors were analyzed by X-ray diffraction (XRD),
Energy transfer from Pr3+ to Gd3+ ions in BaB8O13 phosphor for phototherapy lamps
Abstract A series of BaB 8 O 13 phosphors doped with different concentrations of Gd 3+ ions and co-doped with Pr 3+ ions were synthesized by solid state synthesis method. X-ray powder diffraction
A new highly sensitive phosphor for carbon ion dosimetry
Dy3+-doped CaMg3(SO4)4 (CMS) phosphor was prepared by the acid distillation method and examined in detail with a thermoluminescence (TL) study whereby the phosphor was irradiated with γ-rays and a