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Parallel Algorithms for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems in Haemodynamics
This work introduces a class of parallel preconditioners for the FSI problem obtained by exploiting the block-structure of the linear system and shows that the construction and evaluation of the devised preconditionser is modular.
Weighted Clément operator and application to the finite element discretization of the axisymmetric Stokes problem
It is observed that the Stokes problem is also axisymmetric and the velocity has also zero angular component, hence the solution satisfies a system of equations in the meridian domain and the weak three-dimensional problem reduces to a two-dimensional one with weighted integrals.
Reduced Basis Error Bound Computation of Parameter-Dependent Navier-Stokes Equations by the Natural Norm Approach
  • S. Deparis
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    SIAM J. Numer. Anal.
  • 1 April 2008
A formulation of the Brezzi-Rappaz-Raviart existence and uniqueness theorem in the presence of two distinct norms is proved, which allows us to relax the existence condition and to sharpen the field variable error bound.
A Rescaled Localized Radial Basis Function Interpolation on Non-Cartesian and Nonconforming Grids
A rescaled localized radial basis function (RL-RBF) interpolation method, based on the use of compactly supported radial basis functions, that allows for exact interpolation of constant fields between nonconforming meshes without theUse of an extra polynomial term is introduced.