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The mental representation of parity and number magnitude.
Nine experiments of timed odd-even judgments examined how parity and number magnitude are accessed from Arabic and verbal numerals. With Arabic numerals, Ss used the rightmost digit to access a store
The Number Sense: How the Mind Creates Mathematics.
L'A. propose quelques observations concernant l'ouvrage de Stanislas Dehaene The number sense. How the mind creates mathematics (1997) qui explore tous les aspects de la relation entre les hommes et
Varieties of numerical abilities
The horizontal segment of the intraparietal sulcus appears as a plausible candidate for domain specificity: It is systematically activated whenever numbers are manipulated, independently of number notation, and with increasing activation as the task puts greater emphasis on quantity processing.
The visual word form area: spatial and temporal characterization of an initial stage of reading in normal subjects and posterior split-brain patients.
The findings provide direct support for the main components of the classical model of reading and help specify their timing and cerebral substrates.
Language-specific tuning of visual cortex? Functional properties of the Visual Word Form Area.
This result demonstrates that the VWFA is initially plastic and becomes attuned to the orthographic regularities that constrain letter combination during the acquisition of literacy.
Sources of mathematical thinking: behavioral and brain-imaging evidence.
A series of behavioral and brain-imaging experiments provides evidence for both sources of linguistic competence and mathematical intuition, and suggests that mathematical intuition may emerge from the interplay of these brain systems.