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Description logic programs: combining logic programs with description logic
It is shown how to interoperate, semantically and inferentially, between the leading Semantic Web approaches to rules and ontologies and define a new intermediate knowledge representation contained within this intersection: Description Logic Programs (DLP), and the closely related Description Horn Logic (DHL). Expand
Creating Semantic Web Contents with Protégé-2000
The authors describe how Protege-2000, a tool for ontology development and knowledge acquisition, can be adapted for editing models in different Semantic Web languages. Expand
The Semantic Web: The Roles of XML and RDF
It is argued that a further representation and inference layer is needed on top of the Web's current layers, and to establish such a layer, a general method for encoding ontology representation languages into RDF/RDF schema is proposed. Expand
EDUTELLA: a P2P networking infrastructure based on RDF
The open source project Edutella is discussed, which builds upon metadata standards defined for the WWW and aims to provide an RDF-based metadata infrastructure for P2P applications, building on the recently announced JXTA Framework. Expand
Towards Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities
This work presents the SIOC ontology which combines terms from vocabularies that already exist with new terms needed to describe the relationships between concepts in the realm of online community sites. Expand
Optimized index structures for querying RDF from the Web
  • A. Harth, S. Decker
  • Computer Science
  • Third Latin American Web Congress (LA-WEB')
  • 31 October 2005
Optimized index structures for RDF are described, how to process and evaluate queries based on the index structure is shown, a lightweight adaptable implementation in Java is described, and a performance comparison with existing RDF databases is provided. Expand
OIL in a Nutshell
This work will present OIL, which is a proposal for a joint standard for specifying and exchanging ontologies, based on existing proposals such as OKBC, XOL and RDF schema, enriching them with necessary features for expressing ontologies. Expand
An empirical survey of Linked Data conformance
A list of fourteen concrete guidelines as given in the ''How to Publish Linked Data on the Web'' tutorial is compiled, and conformance of current RDF data providers with respect to these guidelines is evaluated. Expand
Ontobroker: Ontology Based Access to Distributed and Semi-Structured Information
Ontobroker is developed which uses formal ontologies to extract, reason, and generate metadata in the WWW, and the generation of RDF descriptions enables the exploitation of the ontological information in RDF-based applications. Expand
Searching and browsing Linked Data with SWSE: The Semantic Web Search Engine
The current SWSE system is described, initially detailing the architecture and later elaborating upon the function, design, implementation and performance of each individual component, to give an insight into how current Semantic Web standards can be tailored, in a best-effort manner, for use on Web data. Expand