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On the Game: Women and Sex Work
  • S. Day
  • Political Science
  • 20 June 2007
On the Game is an ethnographic account of prostitutes and prostitution. Sophie Day has followed the lives of individual women over fifteen years, and her book details their attempts to manage theirExpand
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Prostitution Policy in Europe: A Time of Change?
There has been considerable recent debate about prostitution in Europe that reflects concerns about health, employment and human rights. Legal changes are being introduced in many countries. We focusExpand
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The re-emergence of ‘trafficking’: sex work between slavery and freedom
  • S. Day
  • Sociology
  • 1 December 2010
Activists find that sex work is considered a less legitimate occupation today than it was in the 1980s and early 1990s. They now confront representations of sex workers as victims, sold and bought Expand
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Lilies of the Field: Marginal People who live for the Moment.
The original impulse for this book came from a sense that the ways of life of London prostitutes, Hungarian Gypsies and Aegean Greek peasants--among whom we, the editors, carried out research--couldExpand
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A prospective social and molecular investigation of gonococcal transmission
BACKGROUND Gonorrhoea is a common infectious disease, poorly controlled despite effective treatments. Tracing chains of transmission is difficult, because sexual partners are commonly difficult orExpand
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British policy makes sex workers vulnerable
  • S. Day, H. Ward
  • Medicine
  • BMJ : British Medical Journal
  • 25 January 2007
We welcome the timely call for decriminalisation of sex work in the editorial by Goodyear and Cusick ( BMJ 2007;334:52-3). The murders of sex workers in Ipswich have led to the repetition ofExpand
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Embodying spirits : village oracles and possession ritual in Ladakh, North India
This thesis focuses upon village oracles in Buddhist Ladakh who provide ritual services to clients when they are in trance and possessed by gods. Village oracles are discussed in the context of aExpand
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Renewing the War on prostitution: The spectres of ‘trafficking’ and ‘slavery’
The 1990s saw government initiatives restricting immigration in many countries, and a good deal of popular unease. Associated policies have targeted sex workers, as with the Policing and Crime BillExpand
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Prostitution and risk of HIV: male partners of female prostitutes.
OBJECTIVE--To describe risk behaviours for infection with HIV in male sexual partners of female prostitutes. DESIGN--A cross sectional study. SETTING--Genitourinary medicine clinic, St Mary'sExpand
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