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Carbon storage in tropical forests correlates with taxonomic diversity and functional dominance on a global scale
Aim We examined (1) the relationships between aboveground tropical forest C storage, biodiversity and environmental drivers and (2) how these relationships inform theory concerning ecosystem functionExpand
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How Does Garlic Mustard Lure and Kill the West Virginia White Butterfly?
As it pertains to insect herbivores, the preference-performance hypothesis posits that females will choose oviposition sites that maximize their offspring’s fitness. However, both genetic andExpand
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Do mothers always know best? Oviposition mistakes and resulting larval failure of Pieris virginiensis on Alliaria petiolata, a novel, toxic host
Alliaria petiolata is a European biennial herb that invades North American forests and has direct negative effects on associated flora and fauna. In some places, A. petiolata has invaded the habitatExpand
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Experimental support for alternative attractors on coral reefs
Significance Ecological theory predicts that under the same environmental conditions, an ecosystem could have more than one community state that is maintained by reinforcing feedbacks. If so, aExpand
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Fecal Short-Chain Fatty Acids of Very-Low-Birth-Weight Preterm Infants Fed Expressed Breast Milk or Formula
Objectives: In preterm infants, the metabolic responses of gastrointestinal (GI) bacteria to different diets are poorly understood despite the possible effects on GI health. Therefore, we tested theExpand
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The Risk of Necrotizing Enterocolitis Differs Among Preterm Pigs Fed Formulas With Either Lactose or Maltodextrin
Objectives: When breast milk is unavailable for preterm infants, formulas are needed that won’t increase the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Adding novel ingredients to formula to reduce NECExpand
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Intestinal adaptations to a combination of different diets with and without endurance exercise
BackgroundEndurance athletes search for diet regimens that will improve performance and decrease gastrointestinal disturbances during training and events. Although the intestine can adapt to changesExpand
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Mechanisms underlying macroalgal phase shifts in coral reef ecosystems
Author(s): Davis, Samantha Lee | Advisor(s): Schmitt, Russell J; Holbrook, Sally J | Abstract: Coral reefs are currently threatened by both natural and human-driven disturbances, and climate changeExpand
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