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Flavor formation in tissue cultures of garlic (Allium sativum L.)
Differentiated and undifferentiated cultures of garlic (Allium sativum L.) were analyzed for the study of flavor formation in cultures. Attempts were made to correlate alliin content with free andExpand
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Menadione sodium bisulphite: A promising plant growth regulator
Menadione sodium bisulphite (MSB) increased the growth of tomato plants and alfalfa callus and stimulated rooting of mungbean cuttings. Investigations into its effect on auxin metabolism resulted inExpand
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Tissue culture of some woody species
The investigations embodied in the paper describe different methods of culturing tissues ofTectona grandis (teak),Artocarpus heterophyllus (jack),Morus alba (mulberry) andPopulus nigra (poplar). OfExpand
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Quinones as plant growth regulators
The effects of benzoquinone, naphthaquinone and anthraquinone on the growth of tomato callus, whole plants of tomato and on rooting of mungbean cuttings were studied. Naphthaquinone effects on someExpand
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The Carbohydrate Nutrition of Tomato Roots VI. The Inhibition of Excised Root Growth by Galactose and Mannose and its Reversal by Dextrose and Xylose
The addition of 0-01-0*015 per cent, galactose or 0-005-0-01 per cent, mannose reduces by 50 per cent, the linear growth of excised tomato roots cultured in a i per cent, sucrose medium. An additionExpand
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Stimulation of solasodine production by combining fungal elicitors and immobilized cell suspension cultures ofSolanumsurattense Burm
SummaryCombining the use of fungal elicitors likeAspergillus andFusarium with immobilized cell suspension cultures ofSolanum surattense Burm. showed a stimulation in solasodine production, of abloutExpand
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Studies on acrylated epoxydised triglyceride resin-co-butyl methacrylate towards the development of biodegradable pressure sensitive adhesives
The potential chemical utility of Soya bean oil for the preparation of novel biodegradable polymeric pressure sensitive adhesive has been investigated. Epoxy resin was prepared through in situExpand
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Solasodine production by immobilized cells and suspension cultures of Solanum surattense
SummaryImmobilized cells ofSolanumsurattense Burm release far more solasodine into the medium than free cell suspension cultures. This enhancement is probably due to stabilization of cells afterExpand
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