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Microbial Community Analysis of Opalinus Clay Drill Core Samples from the Mont Terri Underground Research Laboratory, Switzerland
Opalinus Clay is a candidate host rock for a high-level radioactive waste repository in Switzerland. Microbial metabolism and its by-products could affect the physical and (geo)chemical conditions inExpand
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Microstructural characterization of carbon steel corrosion in clay borehole water under anoxic and transient acidic conditions
Abstract The corrosion interface of low-alloy carbon steel (C-steel) coupons (P235, ferrite-pearlitic with a columnar microstructure) reacted in clay porewater seeping in a test chamber in situ inExpand
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Corrosion at the carbon steelclay borehole water and gas interfaces at 85 °C under anoxic and transient acidic conditions
In order to understand the corrosion processes of low-alloyed carbon steel (C-steel) materials in contact with porewater and/or gas in clay environments under reducing conditions at 85 °C, an in situExpand
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Corrosion at the carbon steel-clay borehole water interface under anoxic alkaline and fluctuating temperature conditions
Abstract Coupons of carbon steel were corroded in situ in anoxic clay porewater under slightly alkaline conditions. Sample damage was less than 1 μm for 9 months at 85 °C only, and corrosionExpand
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Laboratory simulation of an oxidizing perturbation in a deep granite environment
Abstract An experiment designed to study oxidizing perturbations in deep crystalline rock, a potential host for nuclear waste disposal, was conducted. This experiment simulated a fracture surface inExpand
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Thermanaeromonas burensis sp. nov., a thermophilic anaerobe isolated from a subterranean clay environment.
A strictly anaerobic, thermophilic and halotolerant strain, designated IA106T, was isolated from the seepage water collected in a metal biocorrosion test at a depth of 490 m, in a 130-160 m thick,Expand
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Corrosion processes of C-steel in long-term repository conditions
ABSTRACT In the context of the French repository for high-level wastes, carbon steel (C-steel) materials are currently considered among the most cost effective and reliable materials for theExpand
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Long-term corrosion behaviour of carbon steel and stainless steel in Opalinus clay: influence of stepwise temperature increase
ABSTRACT Carbon steel (C-steel; E24 and S235 grades) and stainless steel (316L) electrodes were corroded in situ in Opalinus clay under anoxic conditions in a vertical descending borehole. TheExpand