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Effect of Thermomechanical Processing on the Microstructure and Properties of a Low Carbon Copper Bearing Steel
A boron treated copper bearing HSLA steel containing austenite formers like manganese and nickel, somewhat lower in amount than that in HSLA 100 variety of steel is chosen for the study. The role ofExpand
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On the degradation of shape memory effect in trace Ti-added Cu–Zn–Al alloy
Abstract Present study concerns the effect of trace addition of Ti on the factors governing the microstructural evolution in Cu–Zn–Al shape memory alloy during different thermal treatments. It hasExpand
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Effect of prior cold work on tensile properties of Al–6Mg alloy with minor scandium additions
Abstract Effect of aging on the mechanical properties of cold worked Al–6Mg alloy with minor additions of scandium is studied. Cast and mechanically worked samples are isochronally aged for 60 min atExpand
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Composition–Processing–Property Correlation of Cold-Rolled IF Steel Sheets Using Neural Network
Artificial neural network (ANN) models have been developed to establish relationships between the mechanical properties of the cold-rolled sheets of interstitial free (IF) as a function of theExpand
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Exploring the effects of chemical composition in hot rolled steel product using Mahalanobis distance scale under Mahalanobis–Taguchi system
Abstract Classification of hot rolled steel product from the point of view of reaching the target mechanical property, based on chemical composition of the steel, is a common objective practiced inExpand
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Kohonen Network Modelling for the Strength of Thermomechanically Processed HSLA Steel
Primarily from the point of view of improvement of yield strength due to additions of niobium, titanium and boron in HSLA steels, the experimental steels are divided into five classes. The data areExpand
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Effective properties of particle reinforced polymeric mould material towards reducing cooling time in soft tooling process
Cooling time in soft tooling process using conventional mold materials is normally high. Although increase of effective thermal conductivity of mold material by inclusion of high thermally conductiveExpand
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Designing cold rolled IF steel sheets with optimized tensile properties using ANN and GA
Abstract Artificial neural network (ANN) models, correlating the mechanical properties (yield strength, tensile strength, %elongation and r ¯ ) of the cold rolled interstitial free (IF) steel sheetsExpand
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Effect of scandium on the microstructure and ageing behaviour of cast Al–6Mg alloy
Microstructural modification and grain refinement due to addition of scandium in Al-6Mg alloy has been studied. Transmission electron microscopy is used to understand the microstructure andExpand
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Two way shape memory loss in CuZnAl alloy
Abstract Investigation is carried out to understand the reasons behind the degradation of two way shape memory effect in CuZnAl alloy which exhibits a complete loss in its two way memory effectExpand
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