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Soft computing techniques in advancement of structural metals
Abstract Current trends in the progress of technology demand availability of materials resources ahead of the advancing fronts of the application areas. During the last couple of decades, significant
Designing High Strength Multi-phase Steel for Improved Strength-Ductility Balance Using Neural Networks and Multi-objective Genetic Algorithms
Two different methods of reducing the network connectivity, viz a pruning algorithm and a multi-objective predator prey genetic algorithm, have been used for neural network modeling of the mechanical properties of high strength steels, so that relevant connections within the networks are revealed.
Effect of Thermomechanical Processing on the Microstructure and Properties of a Low Carbon Copper Bearing Steel
A boron treated copper bearing HSLA steel containing austenite formers like manganese and nickel, somewhat lower in amount than that in HSLA 100 variety of steel is chosen for the study. The role of
Effect of prior cold work on tensile properties of Al–6Mg alloy with minor scandium additions
Abstract Effect of aging on the mechanical properties of cold worked Al–6Mg alloy with minor additions of scandium is studied. Cast and mechanically worked samples are isochronally aged for 60 min at