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Numerical modeling of mosquito population dynamics of Aedes aegypti
BackgroundThe global incidences of dengue virus have increased the interest in studying and understanding the mosquito population dynamics. It is predominantly spread by Aedes aegypti in the tropicalExpand
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Perceptions of teachers about learning disorder in a northern city of India
Background: Teachers are perhaps the closest observers of child's academic performance and can be instrumental in detecting learning disorder (LD) early. Objectives: The present study aimed to assessExpand
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Perspectives of solar photovoltaic water pumping for irrigation in India
Abstract Due to the continuous increase in the use of fossil fuel, India and the world are facing the daunting prospect of a changed climate. A major consumer of fossil fuel-based energy is theExpand
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Lifestyle practices, health problems, and quality of life after coronary artery bypass grafting
IntroductionSevere coronary artery disease continues to be a major health problem in India, and coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) is the accepted modality of treatment. Post-operative long-termExpand
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Modelling and Optimal Control of Multi Strain Epidemics, with Application to COVID-19
This work introduces a novel epidemiological model that simultaneously considers multiple viral strains, reinfections due to waning immunity response over time and an optimal control formulation. Expand