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Enhancement mechanism of fluorescence intensity in presence of plasmonic nanoparticles
The emission intensity of fluorophore molecule may change in presence of strong plasmon field induced by nanoparticles. The enhancement intensity is optimized through selective clustering orExpand
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NU-6027 Inhibits Growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by Targeting Protein Kinase D and Protein Kinase G
Tuberculosis (TB) is a global health concern, and this situation has further worsened due to the emergence of drug-resistant strains and the failure of BCG vaccine to impart protection. There is anExpand
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Large scale production of a mammalian cell derived quadrivalent hepatitis C virus like particle vaccine.
A method for the large-scale production of a quadrivalent mammalian cell derived hepatitis C virus-like particles (HCV VLPs) is described. The HCV core E1 and E2 coding sequences of genotype 1a, 1b,Expand
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Sum-connectivity index of a graph
Let G be a simple connected graph, and let di be the degree of its i-th vertex. The sum-connectivity index of the graph G is defined as $\chi (G) = \sum\nolimits_{v_i v_j \in E(G)} {(d_i + d_j )^{ -Expand
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In-Vitro Thrombolytic and Anti-inflammatory Activity of Swertia Chirata Ethanolic Extract.
Ethanol extract of Swertia chirata was assessed for its thrombolytic, anti-inflammatory activity and phytochemical screening. In vitro anti-inflammatory activity was evaluated using albuminExpand
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Detection of target DNA using photo-reactive protoporphyrin moeity on a nanocomposite substrate
Detection of pathogens from infected biological samples through conventional process involves cell lysis and purification. The main objective of this work is to minimize the time and sample loss, asExpand