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An exopolysaccharide from a probiotic: Biosynthesis dynamics, composition and emulsifying activity
Abstract An exopolysaccharide (EPS) was isolated from Bacillus coagulans RK - 02. Time course accumulation of EPS was studied with respect to biomass growth. The probiotic bacterium produces an EPSExpand
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Kinetic modeling of sporulation and product formation in stationary phase by Bacillus coagulans RK-02 vis-à-vis other Bacilli.
  • S. Das, R. Sen
  • Biology, Medicine
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  • 1 October 2011
A logistic kinetic model was derived and validated to characterize the dynamics of a sporogenous bacterium in stationary phase with respect to sporulation and product formation. The kinetic constantsExpand
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Comparison of Characteristics of Horseshoe Vortex at Circular and Square Piers
This study presents an experimental investigation on the characteristics of horseshoe vortex system within the equilibrium scour hole at circular and square pier measured by an Acoustic DopplerExpand
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Circulation characteristics of horseshoe vortex in scour region around circular piers
Abstract This paper presents an experimental investigation of the circulation of the horseshoe vortex system within the equilibrium scour hole at a circular pier, with the data measured by anExpand
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Anorthosites, Granulites and the Supercontinent Cycle
Abstract The pattern of occurrence of the massif-type anorthosites of the Proterozoic on a Rodinia reconstruction suggests that the geneses of the anorthosites, the associated granulites, and theirExpand
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Variations in clear water scour geometry at piers of different effective widths
The equilibrium scour geometry around a circular pier protruding vertically on a scoured channel bed was experimentally investigated. In order to conduct a comparative study, measurements within anExpand
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Turbulence flow field around two eccentric circular piers in scour hole
ABSTRACT Flow pattern at single pier has been extensively studied by several investigators, but scanty work is available on turbulent flow pattern around piers placed in close proximity. The workExpand
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Near infra-red polymeric nanoparticle based optical imaging in Cancer diagnosis.
Cancer disease is a foremost health concern and top basis of death in comparison with many diseases including cardiovascular disorders. During initial diagnosis (usually late diagnosis), a majorityExpand
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Molecular Characterization and In Vitro Analyses of a Sporogenous Bacterium with Potential Probiotic Properties
The Gram-positive thin rods of a Bacillus species were identified and designated as Bacillus coagulans RK - 02 through the standard microbiological and biochemical characterization procedures,Expand
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The Banpur-Balugaon and Bolangir Anorthosite Diapirs of the Eastern Ghats, India: Implications for the Massif Anorthosite Problem
Two anorthosite massifs in the Eastern Ghats share similar structural constitutions, internal differentiation histories, and overall thermal-tectonic patterns of evolution. The (1) circular toExpand
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