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Wandering and dementia
Wandering represents one of many behavioural problems occurring in people with dementia. To consider the phenomenon of wandering behaviour in demented patients, we conducted searches using MedlineExpand
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Sleep disturbances and dementia
Sleep is a complex behavioural state, the ultimate functions of which remain poorly understood. It becomes more fragmented as we age, with more night‐time awakenings and greater tendency for daytimeExpand
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Non-pharmacological interventions for people with Alzheimer's Disease: A critical review of the scientific literature from the last ten years
Abstract Currently, non-pharmacological interventions are useful, versatile and potentially cost-effective tools for managing the care of people suffering from Alzheimer's Disease (AD). The aim ofExpand
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Apathy and Dementia. Nosology, Assessment and Management
Abstract Apathy, characterized by lack of motivation and loss of initiative, is a non-cognitive symptom that affects a high proportion, but not all, of patients with all forms of dementia. To exploreExpand
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Eating Behaviors and Dietary Changes in Patients With Dementia
Background: Eating problems and dietary changes have been reported in patients with dementia. Objectives: The aim of this article is to explore the generalized problems with nutrition, diet, feeding,Expand
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A complication of coronavirus disease 2019: delirium
COVID-19 is predominantly a respiratory disease. However, some cases exhibit other features including Central Nervous System symptoms. In the older adult, COVID-19 may present with atypical symptoms,Expand
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‘I am dead’: Cotard syndrome and dementia
Abstract Background: Cotard syndrome is a rare condition whose main feature is a nihilistic delusion ranging from the denial of body parts to that of the existence of one’s own life or even theExpand
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Danger in the Air: Air Pollution and Cognitive Dysfunction
Background: Clean air is considered to be a basic requirement for human health and well-being. Objective: To examine the relationship between cognitive performance and ambient pollution exposure.Expand
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Sexual disinhibition and dementia
To describe inappropriate sexual behaviour (ISB) observed in patients with dementia, we conducted searches using the Cochrane Library, PubMed, and Web of Science to find relevant articles, chapters,Expand
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Depression and dementia. A review
Abstract Although dementia is primarily considered a memory disorder, there are significant neuropsychiatric manifestations sufficient to cause decline in ability to carry out social or occupationalExpand
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