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Heavy metal pollution of coal mine-affected agricultural soils in the northern part of Bangladesh.
Total concentrations of heavy metals in the soils of mine drainage and surrounding agricultural fields in the northern part of Bangladesh were determined to evaluate the level of contamination. TheExpand
Evaluation of hazardous metal pollution in irrigation and drinking water systems in the vicinity of a coal mine area of northwestern Bangladesh.
An integrated approach of pollution evaluation indices, principal component analysis (PCA) and cluster analysis (CA) was employed to evaluate the intensity and sources of pollution in irrigation andExpand
Investigation of the possible sources of heavy metal contamination in lagoon and canal water in the tannery industrial area in Dhaka, Bangladesh
This study evaluated the heavy metal pollution level of tannery effluent-affected lagoon and canal water in the southwestern Dhaka, Bangladesh. The measured physicochemical parameters (electricalExpand
Levels of Arsenic and Antimony in Water and Sediment from Prestea, A Gold Mining Town in Ghana and its Environs
Arsenic and antimony concentrations in water and sediment samples collected from Prestea, a gold mining town in the Western Region of Ghana and its environs were studied. The concentrations of theseExpand
Assessment of atmospheric heavy metal deposition in the Tarkwa gold mining area of Ghana using epiphytic lichens
In situ lichens (Parmelia sulcata) have been used to assess atmospheric heavy metal deposition in the Tarkwa gold mining area of Ghana. Total heavy metal concentrations obtained by instrumentalExpand
Provenance and tectonic setting of Late Proterozoic Buem sandstones of southeastern Ghana: Evidence from geochemistry and detrital modes
Abstract The petrography, as well as major and trace element (including rare earth element) compositions of 10 sandstone samples from the Late Proterozoic Buem Structural Unit, southeast Ghana, haveExpand
Provenance, tectonics and source weathering of modern fluvial sediments of the Brahmaputra–Jamuna River, Bangladesh: Inference from geochemistry
Abstract This present study describes the elemental geochemistry of fluvial sediments in the Kurigram (upstream) to Sirajganj–Tangail (downstream) section of the Brahmaputra–Jamuna River, Bangladesh,Expand
Source apportionment and pollution evaluation of heavy metals in water and sediments of Buriganga River, Bangladesh, using multivariate analysis and pollution evaluation indices
Concentrations of heavy metals in water and sediment samples of Buriganga River in the capital city Dhaka, Bangladesh, were studied to understand the level of heavy metals and their sourceExpand
Geochemistry of Paleoproterozoic metavolcanic rocks from the southern Ashanti volcanic belt, Ghana: Petrogenetic and tectonic setting implications
Abstract Geochemical data are presented for Paleoproterozoic metavolcanic rocks from the southern Ashanti volcanic belt with the aim of inferring their petrogenesis and tectonic setting in which theyExpand
Determination of toxic elements in waters and sediments from River Subin in the Ashanti Region of Ghana
Waters and sediments of Subin River, which flows through the industrial and commercial areas of Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana, were geochemically investigated to ascertain heavy metalExpand