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Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) Version 3.0
This specification defines the Mathematical Markup Language, or MathML. MathML is an XML application for describing mathematical notation and capturing both its structure and content. The goal ofExpand
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Automatic differentiation in Odyssée
This paper describes the design of  Odyssee , a system for fortran programs manipulations and its application to automatic differentiation. The  Odyssee system manipulates fortran programs asExpand
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An OpenMath 1.0 implementation
The first official version of the OpenMath specification was released in December. Expand
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ASAP : a protocol for symbolic computation systems
This report describes the conception and the implementation of a simple protocol for exchanging mathematical data between processes. Expand
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A Deductive Database for Mathematical Formulas
We present mfd2, a deductive database for mathematical formulas that can run as a server in a client/server environment. Expand
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Mathematica as an OpenMath application
Several computer algebra teams around the world have been working on OpenMath since 1994, but in spite of more than six years of work (including a dedicated three years European project), there are not yet any widely available OpenMath applications. Expand
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Making Systems Communicate and Cooperate: The Central Control Approach
We present the Central Control, a software component designed to be the kernel of environments for scientific computation and which can offer a common and concurrent access to many tools needed by the scientist and the engineer. Expand
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A polymorphic functional language applied to symbolic computation
  • S. Dalmas
  • Computer Science
  • ISSAC '92
  • 1 August 1992
The programming language in which to describe mathematical objects and algorithms is a fundamental issue in the design of a symbolic computation system. Expand
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Recommandations concernant la mise en place, la gestion, l’utilisation et l’évaluation d’une salle d’accueil des urgences vitales pédiatriques☆
Resume La salle d’accueil des urgences vitales pediatriques (SAUV), ou salle de dechocage, est un lieu d’accueil, au sein du service d’urgence, des patients ayant une detresse vitale existante ouExpand
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Design of a customizable component to display and edit formulas
This paper describes the design and implementation of Emath, a highly customizable component t.he Emacs t,est editor. Expand
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