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Centrifugal force model for pedestrian dynamics.
A centrifugal force model for pedestrian dynamics is developed and is able to reproduce the self-organization phenomena of lane formation for sparse flows and the jamming probability due to the arching at exits for crowd flows is provided. Expand
Stabilization analysis and modified Korteweg-de Vries equation in a cooperative driving system.
Two lattice traffic models are proposed by incorporating a cooperative driving system and the results show that considering more than one site ahead in vehicle motion leads to the stabilization of the system. Expand
Stabilization effect of traffic flow in an extended car-following model based on an intelligent transportation system application.
From the simulation of space-time evolution of the vehicle headway, it is shown that the traffic jam is suppressed efficiently with taking into account the information about the motion of more vehicles in front, and the analytical result is consonant with the simulation one. Expand
KdV and kink–antikink solitons in car-following models
The jams in the congested traffic are related with various density waves, which might be governed by the nonlinear wave equations, such as the Korteweg–de-Vries (KdV) equation, the Burgers equationExpand
Cellular automaton model for mixed traffic flow with motorcycles
A single-lane cellular automaton model is proposed to simulate mixed traffic with motorcycles. By performing numerical simulations under the periodic boundary condition, some density-flow relationsExpand
Continuum traffic model with the consideration of two delay time scales.
  • Y. Xue, S. Dai
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 1 December 2003
A motion equation with nonconstant propagation velocity of a disturbance in traffic flow is derived that can reflect the anisotropy of disturbance propagation in real traffic, unlike some other higher-order continuum models. Expand
An extended car-following model based on intelligent transportation system application
Abstract The jams in the congested traffic reveal various density waves. Some of them are described by the nonlinear wave equations: the Korteweg–de-Vries (KdV) equation, the Burgers equation and theExpand
Head-on collision between two solitary waves in a compressible Mooney–Rivlin elastic rod
Abstract The interaction between two solitary waves in hyperelastic rods had been studied in literature by numerical methods, and here we study the head-on collision between two solitary waves in aExpand
Numerical Simulation for 2D Shallow Water Equations by Using Godunov-Type Scheme with Unstructured Mesh
In order to establish a well-balanced scheme, 2D shallow water equations were transformed and solved by using the Finite Volume Method (FVM) with unstructured mesh. The numerical flux from theExpand
Numerical simulation of soliton and kink density waves in traffic flow with periodic boundaries
The soliton and kink–antikink density waves are simulated with periodic boundaries, by adding perturbation in the initial condition on single-lane road based on a car-following model. They areExpand