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Evaluation of Macroalgae Sulfated Polysaccharides on the Leishmania (L.) amazonensis Promastigote
The assayed sulfated polysaccharides were able to modulate the growth rate and cell survival of Leishmania (L.) amazonensis promastigotes in in vitro assays, and these effects involved the interaction of the sulfatedpolysaccharide on the cell membrane of the parasites. Expand
Sulfated polysaccharide extracted of the green algae Caulerpa racemosa increase the enzymatic activity and paw edema induced by sPLA2 from Crotalus durissus terrificus venom
A pharmacological assay showed that the myotoxic activity of s PLA2:CrSP is unrelated to its enzymatic activity and that sPLA2: CrSP may have a practical application as a natural antibacterial agent for use in humans and commercially raised animals. Expand
Phospholipases A2 Protein Structure and Natural Products Interactions in Development of New Pharmaceuticals
Marcos Toyama, Selma D. Rodrigues1, Daneila O. Toyama2, Veronica C.G. Soares3, Camila Ap Cotrim4, Rafael Ximenes5 and Marcelo L. Santos6 1Universidade Julio de Mesquita Filho, Campus Experimental doExpand