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Modeling an exploited rocky coastal ecosystem: Bahia Tortugas, Mexico
A trophic structure model of the rocky coastal ecosystem in Bahia Tortugas, Mexico was constructed using Ecopath software to represent the main biomass flows in the system and has the potential to support management by allowing the exploration of the potential impacts of different fishing decisions at ecosystem level. Expand
Marine extinctions revisited
In recent years, more than 130 extinctions have been estimated to have occurred in the marine realm. Here we review this body of evidence and show that this figure may actually be overestimated by asExpand
Natural Diet of Juvenile Abalone Haliotis fulgens and H. corrugata (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in Bahia Tortugas, Mexico
Most specimens with macroalgal material came from depths in which H. fulgens and H. corrugata are more abundant, and benthic diatoms were almost absent from ingested material. Expand
Abalone of the world : biology, fisheries and culture : proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Abalone
This comprehensive volume contains some sixty papers and reviews presented at the First International Symposium on Abalone Biology, Fisheries and Culture held in La Paz, Mexico with case studies of the eight major abalone fisheries of the world with a review of the management of each. Expand
Preliminary trophic structure model for Tampamachoco lagoon, Veracruz, Mexico
Abstract A preliminary quantitative model of the trophic structure in Tampamachoco lagoon was obtained using Ecopath II and data from relevant studies to date in the area. This is a detritus-basedExpand