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High mitogenomic evolutionary rates and time dependency.
Using entire modern and ancient mitochondrial genomes of Adélie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) that are up to 44000 years old, we show that the rates of evolution of the mitochondrial genome are twoExpand
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A reversal of fortunes: climate change ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ in Antarctic Peninsula penguins
Climate change is a major threat to global biodiversity. Antarctic ecosystems are no exception. Investigating past species responses to climatic events can distinguish natural from anthropogenicExpand
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Avian Community, Climate, and Sea-level Changes in the Plio-Pleistocene of the Florida Peninsula
---Eleven previously unidentified fossil avifaunas from Pliocene and Pleistocene localities in the Florida peninsula are presented, within which are included the description of a new species ofExpand
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Circum-Antarctic coastal environmental shifts during the Late Quaternary reflected by emerged marine deposits
This review assesses the circumpolar occurrence of emerged marine macrofossils and sediments from Antarctic coastal areas in relation to Late Quaternary climate changes. Radiocarbon ages of theExpand
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Late Neogene Oceanographic Change along Florida's West Coast: Evidence and Mechanisms
Evidence from vertebrate and invertebrate fossil assemblages and isotopic analyses supports the hypothesis that during the Pliocene biological productivity in the eastern Gulf of Mexico wasExpand
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Integrating Stomach Content and Stable Isotope Analyses to Quantify the Diets of Pygoscelid Penguins
Stomach content analysis (SCA) and more recently stable isotope analysis (SIA) integrated with isotopic mixing models have become common methods for dietary studies and provide insight into theExpand
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Abandoned penguin colonies and environmental change in the Palmer Station area, Anvers Island, Antarctic Peninsula
Six abandoned colonies of Adelie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) were excavated near Palmer Station, Anvers Island, Antarctic Peninsula, to investigate the occupation history of this species. SedimentsExpand
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Abrupt recent shift in δ13C and δ15N values in Adélie penguin eggshell in Antarctica
Stable isotope values of carbon (δ13C) and nitrogen (δ15N) in blood, feathers, eggshell, and bone have been used in seabird studies since the 1980s, providing a valuable source of information onExpand
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Diving behavior of blue-footed boobies Sula nebouxii in northern Peru in relation to sex, body size and prey type
We studied the diving behavior and diet of the sexually size-dimorphic blue-footed booby Sula nebouxii (BFB) breeding on Isla Lobos de Tierra, Peru, to evaluate whether sexual dimor- phism isExpand
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Predation at seven colonies that varied in size from 10 to hundreds of breed- ing pairs of Adelie (Pygoscelis adeliae) and Gentoo (P. papua) penguins was observed from a blind at King George Island,Expand
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