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Non-linear dynamics of population and natural resources: The emergence of different patterns of development
Abstract This paper studies the long-term dynamic interaction between the exploitation of natural resources and population growth. Brander and Taylor [Brander, J.A. and Taylor, M.S. (1998) “TheExpand
Energy transition towards economic and environmental sustainability: feasible paths and policy implications
This paper focuses on growth feasibility in an era of increasing scarcity of fossil fuels. A stylised dynamic model illustrates the implications of investing in smooth technological progress in theExpand
Long-run Welfare under Externalities in Consumption, Leisure, and Production: A Case for Happy Degrowth vs. Unhappy Growth
In this paper we contribute to the debate on the relationship between growth and well-being by examining an endogenous growth model where we allow for externalities in consumption, leisure, andExpand
Systems-dynamic analysis of employment and inequality impacts of low-carbon investments
Abstract This paper provides a macroeconomic framework to evaluate the social and economic consequences generated by a shift of investment to low-carbon options. We introduce into a standard growthExpand
Societal implications of sustainable energy action plans: from energy modelling to stakeholder learning
This article investigates the potential impact of sustainable energy action plans (SEAPs) on local development through a two-step methodology involving participatory planning and quantitativeExpand
The Role of Income Distribution in the Diffusion of Corporate Social Responsibility
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the link between corporate social responsibility (CSR) growth and income distribution. We present a general equilibrium model where social responsibilityExpand
Functional Distribution, Land Ownership and Industrial Takeoff: The Role of Effective Demand
Abstract In this paper we analyse how the distribution of land property rights affects industrial takeoff and aggregate income through its impact on effective demand. We apply a modified version ofExpand
Feasible alternatives to green growth
Climate change and increasing income inequality have emerged as twin threats to contemporary standards of living, peace and democracy. These two problems are usually tackled separately in the policyExpand
A Social Heuristics Hypothesis for the Stag Hunt: Fast- and Slow-Thinking Hunters in the Lab
In this paper, we analyze the role of intuitive versus deliberative thinking in stag hunt games. To do so we, first, provide a conceptual framework predicting that, under the assumption that stag isExpand
Numerical issues in modeling combustion instability by quasi-1D Euler equations
The present work is devoted to investigation of numerical issues related to combustion instability simulation through a quasi-1D Eulerian solver. The main aspects addressed are the choice of aExpand