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Organotin contamination in sediments from the Western Mediterranean enclosures following 10 years of TBT regulation.
The present study reveals that OT regulations established in the Mediterranean region in 1991 on the use of TBT-based antifouling paints have been effective in marinas, but reveals a significant TBT contamination in commercial and fishing harbours. Expand
Pilot survey of a broad range of priority pollutants in sediment and fish from the Ebro river basin (NE Spain).
Priority organic pollutants were investigated in sediments and fish collected along the Ebro river basin (NE Spain) to evaluate their occurrence, transport and bioavailability and revealed sites where adverse effects could occur. Expand
Hair mercury levels in an urban population from southern Italy: fish consumption as a determinant of exposure.
A multiple linear regression analysis showed a weak but significant correlation of THg content in hair with respect to gender and age, but almost no association was found between THg and dental fillings and a strong correlation was obtained betweenTHg and fish consumption regardless of the group evaluated. Expand
Hair mercury levels, fish consumption, and cognitive development in preschool children from Granada, Spain .
Higher mercury exposure in children from this Mediterranean area was associated with cognitive development delay, and studies on the putative benefits of fish intake during early development should consider mercury exposure from different fish species. Expand
Multi-biomarker responses in the freshwater mussel Dreissena polymorpha exposed to polychlorobiphenyls and metals.
Unusual properties of measured ethoxyresorufin-O-deethylase (EROD) activities indicated that mussels lack an inducible CYP1A enzymatic activity, and inorganic and organic mercury showed different biomarker patterns of response. Expand
Survey of organotin compounds in rivers and coastal environments in Portugal 1999-2000.
The study compares depleted butyltin pollution in sediments and mussels of the Portuguese coastline associated with antifouling paints with previously reported levels and discusses the role of biological degradation and direct inputs from agricultural and industrial applications areas. Expand
Human health effects of methylmercury exposure.
  • S. Díez
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  • 2009
This review summarizes the sources and cycling of global mercury in the environment, pathways of exposure, toxicity and exposure evaluation, toxicokinetics, the common biomarkers to evaluate exposure and effects in populations, and finally review the nutritional risks and benefits from fish consumption. Expand
The prestige oil spill. I. Biodegradation of a heavy fuel oil under simulated conditions.
The 4-methylpyrene and 3-methylchrysene were refractory enough to serve as conserved internal markers in assessing the degradation of the aromatic fraction in a manner similar to that of hopane, as used for the aliphatic fraction. Expand
Environmental, physical and structural characterisation of geopolymer matrixes synthesised from coal (co-)combustion fly ashes.
It was found that synthesised geopolymer matrixes were only effective in the chemical immobilisation of a number of elements of environmental concern contained in fly ashes, reducing (especially for Ba), or maintaining their leachable contents after the geopolymisation process, but not for those elements present as oxyanions. Expand
Assessment of mercury and methylmercury pollution with zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) in the Ebro River (NE Spain) impacted by industrial hazardous dumps.
A comparison of similar size classes clearly indicated the hot spots of Hg bioavailability to the aquatic food web and downstream transport, and at the most polluted site, the mean values were 20 times greater than the local background level. Expand