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Upregulation of MicroRNA-210 Regulates Renal Angiogenesis Mediated by Activation of VEGF Signaling Pathway under Ischemia/Perfusion Injury in vivo and in vitro
Background: MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous, non-coding, small RNAs that regulate gene expression and function, but little is known about regulation of miRNAs in the kidneys under normal orExpand
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Arithmetic properties of ℓ-regular partitions
For a given prime p, by studying p-dissection identities for [email protected]?s theta functions @j(q) and f(-q), we derive infinite families of congruences modulo 2 for some @?regular partition functions, where @?=2,4,5,8,13,16. Expand
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Congruences for 9-regular partitions modulo 3
In view of the modular equation of fifth order, we give a simple proof of Keith’s conjecture which is some infinite families of congruences modulo 3 for the 9-regular partition function. Meanwhile,Expand
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Congruences for some partitions related to mock theta functions
Partitions related to mock theta functions were widely studied in the literature. Recently, Andrews et al. introduced two new kinds of partitions counted by pω(n) and pν(n), whose generatingExpand
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On second and eighth order mock theta functions
Mock theta functions have been deeply studied in the literature. Historically, there are many forms of representations for mock theta functions: Eulerian forms, Hecke-type double sums, Appell–LerchExpand
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Girdin locates in centrosome and midbody and plays an important role in cell division
Girdin is a downstream effector of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)‐AKT and interacts with actin and microtubule. Increasing evidence confirmed that Girdin played an important role in cellExpand
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Preparation and enhanced photocatalytic performance of a novel photocatalyst: Hollow network Fe3O4/ mesoporous SiO2/TiO2 (FST) composite microspheres
Abstract The hollow Fe3O4/mesoporous SiO2/TiO2 (FST) composite microspheres were prepared with the multistep coating technique through sol-gel and hydrothermal process. The composite microspheresExpand
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Mesoporous C18-bonded ethyl-bridged organic-inorganic hybrid silica: A facile one-pot synthesis and liquid chromatographic performance
Abstract A facile one-pot method was used to prepare C18-bonded ethyl-bridged organic-inorganic hybrid silica via the co-hydrolysis and condensation of 1,2-bis(triethoxysilyl)ethane (BTESE) andExpand
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Hydrophobic silica aerogel derived from wheat husk ash by ambient pressure drying
Silica aerogels from wheat husk ash (WHA) were prepared via a sol–gel process by ambient pressure drying. Silica was extracted from WHA by NaOH solution to form sodium silicate, which was used asExpand
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