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Why Physics Alone Cannot Define the ‘Physical’: Materialism, Metaphysics, and the Formulation of Physicalism
Materialist metaphysicians want to side with physics, but not to take sides within physics. If we took literally the claim of a materialist that his position is simply belief in the claim that all is
Utopia and dystopia
[Extract] Students of utopianism frequently raise the prospect of the ‘death of utopia’(see Goodwin and Taylor, 1982: 48; Kumar, 1987: 381; Manuel and Manuel,1979: 801). Recent commentators generally
Stephen Clark’s Green Holism
S.R.L. Clark is a prominent defender of environmental holism and an advocate of the better treatment of other species. Not coincidentally, he is also a defender of a Neoplatonic Theism which holds
Risks, regulations and rhetorics
[Extract] This chapter analyses the 'riskiness of biotechnology, the ways in which its proponents and opponents articulate that riskiness, and the ways in which riskiness is managed. We usually think
Callicott’s Land Communitarianism
In his most recent collection of papers, J. Baird Callicott has continued to advance a communitarian environmental ethic inspired by the mid–century “land ethic” writings of Aldo Leopold. One subject
Three poems: New Boots & Pantisocracies
Three poems: New Boots & Pantisocracies T he New Boots & Pantisocracies project arose from an exchange of puns on Facebook between W.N. Herbert (Omnesia, Cabaret McGonagall and other publications)
The Millian Case for Orthodox Epistemic Conservatism
Dans le cadre du debat opposant la version orthodoxe et la version plus large de la croyance, l'A. examine l'argument de Mill en faveur du conservatisme orthodoxe, defendu par Gutting a partir du
The Ideal of Companionship
Nobody has thought harder than Stephen Clark about what political philosophy would look like if it took animals seriously. He is concerned with two projects: including in our politics the treatment