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Integrating object-oriented data modelling with a rule-based programming paradigm
The LOGRES project is a follow-up of theALGRES project, and takes advantage of the ALGRES programming environment for the development of a fast prototype.
An empirical investigation into a large-scale Java open source code repository
This work poses 32 research questions, explains rationale behind them, and obtains facts from 2,080 randomly chosen Java applications from Sourceforge that find that most methods have one or zero arguments or they do not return any values.
Multi-Push-Down Languages and Grammars
A new class of languages, called multi-push-down (mpd), that generalize the classical context-free ones (cf, or Chomsky type 2) and preserve some important properties of classical languages.
Petri Nets and Szilard Languages
Compiler testing using a sentence generator
A system for assisting in the testing phase of compilers is described and some experimental results are reported concerning PLZ, MINIPL and some other languages.
A scalable formal method for design and automatic checking of user interfaces
The paper addresses the formal specification, design and implementation of the behavioral component of graphical user interfaces, called VEG (Visual Event Grammars), which extend traditional BNF grammars to make the modeling of dialogs more convenient.
Noncounting Context-Free Languages
The class of noncountlng (aperiodic) context-free parenthesis languages is introduced here and is found to extend the classical theory of noncountmg regular languages It Is proved that it is possible
A parallel dynamic compiler for CIL bytecode
This work proposes an approach that leverages on CMP features to expose a novel pipeline synchronization model for the internal threads of the dynamic compiler, ILDJIT, and is able to achieve significant speedups with respect to the baseline, when the underlying hardware exposes at least two cores.