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Female genital appearance: ‘normality’ unfolds
Variations in genital dimensions of normal women are described to describe variations in genital dimension dimensions in normal women.
Comparison of bone mineral density and body proportions between women with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome and women with gonadal dysgenesis.
Taller stature in late gonadectomised CAIS women suggests an oestrogen deficiency in these women prior to gonadectomy, and increased lower to upper body ratio in GD(XY) women compared with the other groups implies that these subjects have the greatest degree of oestrogens deficiency in puberty.
Variable phenotypes associated with aromatase (CYP19) insufficiency in humans.
Low residual aromatase activity may be sufficient for breast and uterine development to occur at puberty, despite significant androgenization in utero, according to functional studies revealed in the cases in which breast development occurred.
The incidence of genital prolapse after the Burch colposuspension.
Requests for cosmetic genitoplasty: how should healthcare providers respond?
Demand for cosmetic genitoplasty is increasing, and it is argued that surgery carries risks and that alternative solutions to women's concerns about the appearance of their genitals should be developed.
Holistic management of DSD