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Increasing Reading Speed in English or in the National Language?
The reading speed of English Medium secondary school pupils in Malaysia tends to be quite low. Some of the reasons for this may be the emphasis on oral reading in schools (right up to the Upper Sixth
Measuring School Spirit: A National Teaching Exercise
We developed a novel variation on classroom data collection by having students conduct a national research project. Students at 20 different colleges and universities measured “school spirit” at
Neoliberal and social democratic versions of history, class and ideology in James Camerons 'Titanic' and Roy Bakers 'a night to remember'
In cultural terms, representations of the foundering of the 'Titanic' have, in over a century since the event, assumed the proportions of a socio-economic myth. Within academic circles the disaster
A Grand Slam for Minnesota? Public Financing for Stadiums
Baseball season, a sure sign of spring, has officially begun! Now entering its fifth year, Target Field has received national recognition as a cutting-edge professional sports facility, and this
History, Ideology and Performance in Ian Brown’s Mary and A Great Reckonin’
Ian Brown has, of course, written several plays on historical themes. In addition, and perhaps unusually for a playwright, he has also produced substantial critical writing on the uses of history on
Relationships and Ethics of Co-Teaching Research Intensive Classes
This chapter explores aspects of librarians co-teaching research-intensive undergraduate classes. An opening review of the rather limited literature on embedded librarians in research-intensive
Liaison and Functional Team Structure Review Task Force Report, 2017-2018
The Liaison Team Structure Review Task Force was convened in the 2017 fall semester, with the purpose of examining the liaison functional and subject team structure implemented in 2013-14 to