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Measuring Internal Political Efficacy in the 1988 National Election Study.
Political efficacy has been studied extensively since the 1950s, hut analysts have never been fully satisfied with its measurement. After considerable testing, four new questions tapping internalExpand
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Political efficacy and trust: A report on the NES pilot study items
Political efficacy and trust—among the most frequently used survey measures of general political attitudes—are often maligned for their lack of reliability and validity. This paper reports resultsExpand
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Winners, Losers, and Election Context: Voter Responses to the 2000 Presidential Election
Elections are sometimes seen as legitimizing institutions, promoting system-level support among citizens by allowing them to have input into the political process. However, prior research has foundExpand
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Efficacy, Trust, and Political Behavior
Political efficacy and political trust are concepts which have become central to the study of political behavior, yet different studies continue to conceptualize and operationalize these variables inExpand
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Core Values, Value Conflict, and Citizens’ Ambivalence about Gay Rights
Recent research has recognized that many people simultaneously hold positive and negative attitudes about important political issues. In this article, we review the concept of attitudinal ambivalenceExpand
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Military parachuting injuries: a literature review.
This article is a literature review of the aspects of military parachuting related to occupational medicine and focuses on 'conventional' military static line parachuting using a round parachute. TheExpand
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The malevolent leaders : popular discontent in America
A theater chair movable by remote control comprises a support structure, a chassis having a back and arms installed on same, and a seat rotatably engaged to the chassis. Expand
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Hyponatremia associated with overhydration in U.S. Army trainees.
This report describes a series of hyponatremia hospitalizations associated with heat-related injuries and apparent over-hydration. Data from the U.S. Army Inpatient Data System were used to identifyExpand
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Attention to detail: injuries at altitude among U.S. Army Military static line parachutists.
Altitude injuries, defined as injuries sustained by military static line parachutists before ground impact, have not been reviewed for 50 years. There are indications that these injuries areExpand
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Religion and Presidential Politics in Florida: A List Experiment*
Although national surveys indicate that Americans have become more accepting of the prospect of a Jewish presidential candidate, this could reflect some voters' desire to be seen as having sociallyExpand
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