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The application of modern PDA technology for effective handheld solutions in the retail industry
A modern handheld solution for the retail industry has been designed to replace older proprietary hardware with a PDA-based (personal digital assistant) system. Expand
The Classification, Challenge and Potential of Business Models by Using Open Data
We classify existing Open Data business cases into business models to facilitate statistical analysis regarding effectiveness and growth potential. Expand
The Effect of Open Source Licensing on the Evolution of Business Strategy
This paper explores how the approach underlying Open Source development has encouraged a greater sharing of knowledge in related business and legal affairs, and subsequently leads to the emergence of Open Source-driven collaboration by enterprises to address challenges. Expand
Review of Estimation Method of Economic Effects Created by Using Open Data
This paper considers previous research covering the economic impact of open data and the utility of the approaches they suggest. Expand
Effect on Business Growth by Utilization and Contribution of Open Source Software in Japanese IT Companies
The expanded use of Open Source Software (OSS), and the expansion of the market caused by this adoption has led to a corresponding increase in the number of businesses acting as stakeholders in the field. Expand
Openness and Legitimacy in Standards Development
Consensus regarding which specifications can rightfully claim to be “open standards” has been notably difficult to achieve in recent times. Usually, the question is academic, but when governmentsExpand
FOSS Governance and Collaboration : From A Good Idea To Coherent Market Approach
FOSS Governance And Collaboration: From A Good Idea To Coherent Market Approach ! By Shane Coughlan 72 ! Free and Open Source Software (sometimes called Open Source or FLOSS, and referred to in thisExpand
Strategic Discourse Around Open Source Governance in Asia
Open Source governance in Asia is of importance for US and European technology businesses. However, t he collaborative limits to formal contracts or international treaties require initiatives thatExpand
Handheld solutions for the retail sector
Standardizing Open Source License Compliance With OpenChain