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Historical Culture: On the Recoding of an Academic Discipline
In a challenge to contemporary historians and cultural critics, this book proposes that the "autonomy" and "necessity" of history, and the concepts of "historicity" and "historicality," are academicExpand
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History Out of Joint: Essays on the Use and Abuse of History
In History Out of Joint, Sande Cohen considers the ways in which historical narratives summon up a past and lay down a future in the ever-multiplying intellectual debates of contemporary publicExpand
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The 'Use and Abuse of History' According to Jean-FranÇois Lyotard
Jean-François Lyotard’s apothegms stress the conjunctions between violence and what Westerners call historical sense, consciousness, and knowledge. The Ž rst apothegm reminds us of the violence ofExpand
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The mighty state of immigration controls.
The purpose of this chapter has been to show how absurd cynical and ahistorical it is to consider that there can be immigration controls minus racism. It is a bizarre hypothesis whereby theExpand
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