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Modeling of octave-spanning Kerr frequency combs using a generalized mean-field Lugiato-Lefever model.
A generalized Lugiato-Lefever equation is numerically solved with a Newton-Raphson method to model Kerr frequency combs. We obtain excellent agreement with past experiments, even for anExpand
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Coherence properties of supercontinuum spectra generated in photonic crystal and tapered optical fibers.
Numerical simulations have been used in studies of the temporal and spectral features of supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal and tapered optical fibers. In particular, an ensemble averageExpand
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Supercontinuum generation by stimulated Raman scattering and parametric four-wave mixing in photonic crystal fibers
Supercontinuum generation is investigated experimentally and numerically in a highly nonlinear index-guiding photonic crystal optical fiber in a regime in which self-phase modulation of the pump waveExpand
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Temporal cavity solitons in one-dimensional Kerr media as bits in an all-optical buffer
Using standard silica optical fibres, scientists observe temporal cavity solitons — packets of light persisting in a continuously driven nonlinear resonator. Cavity solitons 4 ps long are reportedExpand
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Supercontinuum generation in air–silica microstructured fibers with nanosecond and femtosecond pulse pumping
We study the generation of supercontinua in air–silica microstructured fibers by both nanosecond and femtosecond pulse excitation. In the nanosecond experiments, a 300-nm broadband visible continuumExpand
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Scalar modulation instability in the normal dispersion regime by use of a photonic crystal fiber.
Modulation instability at high frequencies has been demonstrated in the normal dispersion regime by use of a photonic crystal fiber. This fiber-optic parametric generator provides efficientExpand
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Universal scaling laws of Kerr frequency combs.
Using the known solutions of the Lugiato-Lefever equation, we derive universal trends of Kerr frequency combs. In particular, normalized properties of temporal cavity soliton solutions lead us to aExpand
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Tunable near-infrared femtosecond soliton generation in photonic crystal fibres
Femosecond Raman soliton generation, tunable from 850-1050 nm, has been demonstrated by pumping untapered photonic crystal fibre with 110 fs pulses from a modelocked Ti:sapphire laser. ExperimentalExpand
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White-light supercontinuum generation with 60-ps pump pulses in a photonic crystal fiber.
The generation of a spatially single-mode white-light supercontinuum has been observed in a photonic crystal fiber pumped with 60-ps pulses of subkilowatt peak power. The spectral broadening isExpand
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An octave-spanning mid-infrared frequency comb generated in a silicon nanophotonic wire waveguide
Laser frequency combs, sources with a spectrum consisting of hundred thousands evenly spaced narrow lines, have an exhilarating potential for new approaches to molecular spectroscopy and sensing inExpand
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