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Your mediators need data conversion!
This paper presents the YAT system for data conversion, a declarative, rule-based and features enhanced pattern matching facilities and powerful restructuring primitives, which provides tools for the specification and the implementation of data conversions among heterogeneous data sources. Expand
From structured documents to novel query facilities
A natural mapping from SGML documents into OODB's and a formal extension of two OodB query languages in order to deal with SGML document retrieval and a key element is the introduction of paths as first class citizens. Expand
Querying documents in object databases
It is shown that almost standard database optimization techniques can be used to answer queries without having to load the entire document into the database, and the interaction of full-text indexes with standard database collection indexes that provide important speed-up are considered. Expand
On the Complexity of Generating Optimal Left-Deep Processing Trees with Cross Products
It is known that for some cost functions — those fulfilling the ASI property — the problem can be solved in polynomial time for acyclic query graph, i.e., tree queries. Expand
Nested Queries in Object Bases
This paper contains the first (to the authors' knowledge) proposal to optimize nested queries in the object-oriented context and translates queries to nested algebraic expressions to allow for more efficient evaluation. Expand
Querying and Updating the File
We show how structured data stored in files can benefit from standard database technology and in particular be queried and updated using database languages. We introduce the notion of structuringExpand
Correspondence and Translation for Heterogeneous Data
It is claimed that the framework and restrictions are acceptable in practice, and in particular one can show that all the document-OODB correspondences/translations of [2, 3] are covered. Expand
Using LDAP directory caches
A sound and complete algorithm for cache-answerability based on a suite of query transformations that capture the semantics of LDAP queries is designed, and the practicality of this algorithm is demonstrated with a performance evaluation, based on sample queries from a directory enabled application at AT&T Labs. Expand
Designing OQL: Allowing Objects to be Queried
  • S. Cluet
  • Computer Science
  • Inf. Syst.
  • 1 July 1998
The mistakes and pertinent choices the authors made while designing and implementing OQL are told and it is shown that due to its adequacy to the object oriented type system and its functional nature, OQL is much simpler to learn, use and implement. Expand