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Formation and deformation of the Pannonian Basin: constraints from observational data
Abstract The past decade has witnessed spectacular progress in the collection of observational data and their interpretation in the Pannonian Basin and the surrounding Alpine, Carpathian and DinaricExpand
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Dynamic processes controlling evolution of rifted basins
Abstract The extension of the lithosphere, controlling the development of rifted basins, is driven by a combination of plate-boundary forces, frictional forces exerted on the base of the lithosphereExpand
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Present-day stress field and tectonic inversion in the Pannonian basin.
Abstract This paper presents a latest compilation of data on the present-day stress pattern in the Pannonian basin, and its tectonic environment, the Alpine–Dinaric orogens. Extensional formation ofExpand
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Late Precambrian to Triassic history of the East European Craton: dynamics of sedimentary basin evolution
Abstract During its Riphean to Palaeozoic evolution, the East European Craton was affected by rift phases during Early, Middle and Late Riphean, early Vendian, early Palaeozoic, Early Devonian andExpand
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Subsidence analysis and tectonic evolution of the external Carpathian-Moesian Platform region during Neogene times
Abstract The Miocene–Pliocene subsidence of the tectonic platforms in the Romanian Carpathians foreland is analysed using standard 1D backstripping techniques for individual wells, combined in twoExpand
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Plate reorganization: a cause of rapid late Neogene subsidence and sedimentation around the North Atlantic?
Subsidence analysis of wells in the central North Sea and Labrador-Grand Banks and oft the West Greenland, Scotian shelf and United States Atlantic margin shows distinct quantitative stratigraphicExpand
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Geothermics of the Pannonian basin and its bearing on the neotectonics.
Different aspects of the geothermics of the Pannonian basin are investigated from the viewpoint of neotectonics. A heat flow map of the basin and the surrounding region is presented. It is shown thatExpand
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Stress in the Indo-Australian plate
Cloetingh, S. and Wortel, R., 1986. Stress in the Ind~Austr~ian plate. In: B. Johnson and A.W. Bally (Editors), Intraplate Deformation: Characteristics, Processes and Causes. Tectonophysics, 132:Expand
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EuCRUST‐07: A new reference model for the European crust
[1] We present a new digital model (EuCRUST-07) for the crust of Western and Central Europe and surroundings (35N–71N, 25W–35E). Available results of seismic reflection, refraction and receiverExpand
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Transition from passive to active rifting: Relative importance of asthenospheric doming and passive extension of the lithosphere
We present quantitative modeling results of the dynamic interplay of passive extension and active convective thinning of the mantle lithosphere beneath intracontinental rift zones investigating theExpand
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