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Brittle Failure Mechanism of SnAgCu and SnPb Solder Balls during High Speed Ball Shear and Cold Ball Pull Tests
This study investigated brittle solder joint failure mechanisms during high-speed solder ball shear and pull testing. BGA package samples with different solder alloys (Sn4.0%Ag0.5%Cu and Sn37%Pb)Expand
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High-Speed Solder Ball Shear and Pull Tests vs. Board Level Mechanical Drop Tests: Correlation of Failure Mode and Loading Speed
This study compares high-speed bondtesting (shear and pull) with board level drop testing (BLDT) of BGA packages using Sn4.0%Ag0.5%Cu solder balls and either an ENIG or OSP package substrate surfaceExpand
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Comparison of Joint Strength and Fracture Energy of Lead-free Solder Balls in High Speed Ball Shear/Pull Tests and their Correlation with Board Level Drop Test
A comprehensive solder joint reliability study was conducted using both high-speed solder ball shear/pull and board level drop testing (BLDT). The samples were divided into groups which were subjectExpand
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Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMATS) are emerging as a mainstream NonDestructive Evaluation (NDE) technique. EMATs offer several distinct advantages over traditional piezoelectric transducersExpand
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Effect of Thermal Aging on High Speed Ball Shear and Pull Tests of SnAgCu Lead-free Solder Balls
Solder joint reliability concerns are increasing exponentially with the continuous push for device miniaturization, and the expanded use in portable electronic products. In order to predict theExpand
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The Neutron Radiation Effects Program (NREP) at Indiana University Cyclotron Facility
An accelerator-based facility for simulation of neutron-induced single event effects in electronics is under development at Indiana University Cyclotron Facility. The neutron spectrum has beenExpand
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Polymer micro-grippers with an integrated force sensor for biological manipulation
The development of a novel micro-system integrating SU-8 polymer micro-grippers with a tensile force sensor for handling and characterizing the mechanical properties of delicate biological materials,Expand
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The HERMES forward tracking chambers: Construction, operation, and aging effects
Abstract The design, construction and operation of the HERMES forward (front) tracking chambers and associated electronics are described. Resolution and limited aging tests have been performed onExpand
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Dose Rate Response of MOS and Bipolar Devices : A Comparison between Flash Protons and Electrons
For the first time, dose rate responses of MOS and bipolar devices are characterized to 20-ns pulses of protons (flash protons) at the Indiana University Cyclotron Test Facility using a coolerExpand