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Expression of neural cell adhesion molecule in renal cell carcinoma.
Neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM) is important for cell migration and it could be expressed in some renal cell carcinoma (RCC). In recent decades, the incidence of RCC has been steadily rising byExpand
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Losartan Improved Antioxidant Defense, Renal Function and Structure of Postischemic Hypertensive Kidney
Ischemic acute renal failure (ARF) is a highly complex disorder involving renal vasoconstriction, filtration failure, tubular obstruction, tubular backleak and generation of reactive oxygen species.Expand
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Variable Expression of Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule Isoforms in Renal Tissue: Possible Role in Incipient Renal Fibrosis
Rare neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM) positive cells have been previously described within the normal human adult kidney interstitium, speculating that they could increase in the interstitiumExpand
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Effects of the polyphenol resveratrol on contractility of human term pregnant myometrium.
The ideal agent for prevention and treatment of uterine abnormal contractility has not been found. The polyphenol resveratrol possesses a wide spectrum of pharmacologic properties, but its influenceExpand
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Expression of p300 and p300/CBP associated factor (PCAF) in actinic keratosis and squamous cell carcinoma of the skin.
p300 and p300/CBP-associated factor (PCAF) are histone modifiers and transcriptional co-factors involved in a number of cell processes. We investigated their expression patterns in 79 actinicExpand
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NCAM and FGFR1 coexpression and colocalization in renal tumors.
Neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM) and fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) have a role in epithelial-mesenchymal transformation during tumor genesis. Interplay between both molecules activatesExpand
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The red wine polyphenol resveratrol induced relaxation of the isolated renal artery of diabetic rats: The role of potassium channels
Abstract The effect of resveratrol on vasculature of diabetic animal is not defined. This study was aimed at evaluating how alloxan-induced diabetes alters the relaxation of the isolated rat renalExpand
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Differential expression of KCNQ1 K+ channel in tubular cells of frog kidney
The aim of this study was to evaluate KCNQ1 K+ channel expression in the frog kidney of Rana esculenta. KCNQ1 K+ channel, also known as KvLQT1, is the pore forming α-subunit of the IKs K+ channel, aExpand
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Glomerular nestin expression: possible predictor of outcome of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in children
BackgroundA high prevalence of chronic kidney disease among children with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) leads to a permanent quest for good predictors of kidney dysfunction. Thus, weExpand
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Effects of Losartan, Tempol, and Their Combination On Renal Nitric Oxide Synthases in the Animal Model of Chronic Kidney Disease
Abstract Down-regulation of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) and NO deficiency in the kidneys have been implicated in the pathogenesis of chronic kidney disease (CKD). In this study we examined theExpand
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