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Observation of a single-beam gradient force optical trap for dielectric particles.
Optical trapping of dielectric particles by a single-beam gradient force trap was demonstrated for the first reported time. This confirms the concept of negative light pressure due to the gradientExpand
High-precision gravity measurements using atom interferometry
We have built an atom interferometer that can measure g, the local acceleration due to gravity, with a resolution of Δg/g = 2 × 10−8 after a single 1.3 s measurement cycle, 3 × 10−9 after 1 min and 1Expand
Measurement of the gravitational acceleration of an atom with a light-pulse atom interferometer
Velocity sensitive stimulated Raman transitions have been used to measure the gravitational acceleration, g, of laser cooled sodium atoms in an atomic fountain geometry. By using an improved schemeExpand
Correlating Structural Dynamics and Function in Single Ribozyme Molecules
We have studied the correlation between structural dynamics and function of the hairpin ribozyme. The enzyme-substrate complex exists in either docked (active) or undocked (inactive) conformations.Expand
Linear Pulse Propagation in an Absorbing Medium
The pulse velocity in the linear regime in samples of GaP: N with a laser tuned to the bound $A$-exciton line is measured with use of a picosecond time-of-flight technique. The pulse is seen toExpand
Measurement of gravitational acceleration by dropping atoms
Laser-cooling of atoms and atom-trapping are finding increasing application in many areas of science. One important use of laser-cooled atoms is in atom interferometers. In these devices, an atom isExpand
Precision Atom Interferometry with Light Pulses
Publisher Summary This chapter presents the theory of atom interferometry based on optical pulses. The interference of magnetic spin states used in magnetic resonance and later generalized toExpand
Laser Manipulation of Atoms and Particles
  • S. Chu
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  • 23 August 1991
A variety of powerful techniques to control the position and velocity of neutral particles has been developed. As examples of this new ability, lasers have been used to construct a variety of traps,Expand
Exploration of the transition state for tertiary structure formation between an RNA helix and a large structured RNA.
Docking of the P1 duplex into the pre-folded core of the Tetrahymena group I ribozyme exemplifies the formation of tertiary interactions in the context of a complex, structured RNA. We have appliedExpand
Observation of Polymer Conformation Hysteresis in Extensional Flow
Highly extensible Escherichia coli DNA molecules in planar extensional flow were visualized in dilute solution by fluorescence microscopy. For a narrow range of flow strengths, the molecules wereExpand