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Gamma-ray measurements of naturally occurring radioactive samples from cyprus characteristic geological rocks
Abstract Using high-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy, the terrestrial gamma radiation in all the predominant types of geological rock formations appearing in Cyprus was measured. Soil samples wereExpand
Gamma radiation measurements and dose rates in commercially-used natural tiling rocks (granites).
The gamma radiation in samples of a variety of natural tiling rocks (granites) imported in Cyprus for use in the building industry was measured, employing high-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy, finding that 25 samples meet the exemption dose limit, two meet the upper dose limit and only one clearly exceeds this limit. Expand
Indoor radon (222Rn) concentration measurements in Cyprus using high-sensitivity portable detectors.
The airborne (222)Rn concentration in the interior of various Cypriot buildings and dwellings was measured using high-sensitivity radon portable detectors (passive electronic devices of the type RADIM3), and the total annual effective dose equivalent to the Cyprus population was calculated. Expand
The education and training of clinical medical physicists in 25 European, 2 North American and 2 Australasian countries: similarities and differences.
A common policy is followed in general, on topics concerning education and training as well as the practice of the medical physicist profession, notwithstanding the presence of a few differences. Expand
Staff dosimetry in interventional cardiology: survey on methods and level of exposure.
From the dosimetry survey, constraint annual effective dose and Hp(0.07) over the protective apron of 14 mSv are proposed for the optimisation the exposure the most-exposed operator. Expand
Characterization of attenuation and respiratory motion artifacts and their influence on SPECT MP image evaluation using a dynamic phantom assembly with variable cardiac defects
Attenuation and respiratory motion correction should be applied to reduce artifacts before reporting on small defects in deep breathing conditions when the LV is co-registered in SPECT and CT images prior to AC. Expand
European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics (EFOMP) policy statement 12.1: Recommendations on medical physics education and training in Europe 2014.
This policy statement provides the necessary update of PS12, which refers to the mission statement, key activities, qualification framework and curricula for the specialty areas of Medical Physics relating to radiological devices and protection from ionizing radiation. Expand
The European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics Policy Statement No. 10.1: Recommended Guidelines on National Schemes for Continuing Professional Development of Medical Physicists.
This EFOMP Policy Statement, which is an amalgamation and an update of the EFOMp Policy Statements No. 8 and No. 10, presents guidelines for the establishment of national schemes for C PD and activities that should be considered for CPD. Expand
Curriculum for education and training of medical physicists in nuclear medicine: recommendations from the EANM Physics Committee, the EANM Dosimetry Committee and EFOMP.
This new joint EANM/EFOMP European guideline curriculum is a further step to harmonise specialist training of Medical Physicists in Nuclear Medicine within Europe and provides a common framework for national Medical Physics societies to develop or benchmark their own curricula. Expand
Airborne 222Rn concentration in Cypriot houses.
Studies from a pilot survey in 89 houses in Cyprus show that the arithmetic mean for the housing stock is about 7 Bq m-3 and the annual effective dose equivalent to the population from radon progenyExpand