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The visual scoring of sleep in adults.
The 1968 Rechtschaffen and Kales (R & K) sleep scoring manual was published 15 years after REM sleep was discovered. Advances in the ensuing 28 years warranted a re-look at visual scoring of sleepExpand
Toward a better definition of the restless legs syndrome
A large International Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) Study Group has been formed. As its first task, the group has taken upon itself the role of definig the clinical features of the RLS. As minimalExpand
The official World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) standards for recording and scoring periodic leg movements in sleep (PLMS) and wakefulness (PLMW) developed in collaboration with a task force
The definition and scoring criteria for periodic leg movements (PLM) during sleep have not changed since 1990 [1] and 1993 [2] and are substantially based on the work carried out by Coleman et al. inExpand
Overview of sleep & sleep disorders.
  • S. Chokroverty
  • Medicine
  • The Indian journal of medical research
  • 1 February 2010
Sleep is defined on the basis of behavioural and physiological criteria dividing it into two states: non rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep which is subdivided into three stages (N1, N2, N3); and rapidExpand
Sleep disorders medicine : basic science, technical considerations, and clinical aspects
Part I Basic aspects of sleep: an overview of sleep neurophysiology of sleep biochemical pharmacology of sleep physiological changes during sleep. Part 2 Technical considerations: polysomnographicExpand
Successful treatment of the idiopathic restless legs syndrome in a randomized double-blind trial of oxycodone versus placebo.
In a double-blind randomized crossover trial, oxycodone or placebo was given in divided night-time doses to 11 patients with idiopathic restless legs syndrome (RLS) for 2 weeks prior to appropriateExpand
Circadian rhythm of periodic limb movements and sensory symptoms of restless legs syndrome
The symptoms of restless legs syndrome (RLS) worsen while patients are sitting or lying and also worsen at night. The current study was designed to determine if the periodic limb movements (PLMs) andExpand
A questionnaire study of 138 patients with restless legs syndrome
Article abstract-After verifying the diagnosis of restless legs syndrome (RLS) in 105 patients who are part of a nationwide support group, we undertook a telephone survey of their symptomatology. WeExpand